The Weekly Fashion Recap

Project Runway Alum Collection


Remember Jerell? You know, the one who wore v-neck shirts that bared his entire chest, who made that crazy green alien space suit? He always struck me as a bit intriguing, if far too inexperienced and immature to be a good designer. But it seems as if he’s grown up at least a little bit. You can check out his whole collection over at Project Rungay. It’s by no means perfect, but like the dress above, it’s beautiful and innovative, if over-designed and unwearable. But definitely a big step up in creativity, maturity, and intrigue.

A Hefty Mistake


A word to the wise: Throwing on a trash bag, belting it, and letting your hair serve as a bird’s nest does not make you red carpet ready.

Divas we Love in Dresses we Adore


Avid readers of the Democracy Diva may recognize this dress – in my post on New York Fashion Week’s 10 Best Looks, I ranked this Herve Leger number #3. That’s right, one of my all-time favorite divas wore one of my top 3 favorite looks of all of New York Fashion Week. And she nailed it. Lea Michele looks simply gorgeous, and best of all, she didn’t let her stylist edit out the interesting parts of the dress. Far too often, stars take a stunning red carpet look and water it down so it’s more wearable, and the end result is a snooze-fest. But Ms. Michele looks fierce, even though I really don’t like her bangs (I think they age her).

Blame Canada


Shenae Grimes played the nice Christian girl/date rape victim on Degrassi before ditching the Canadian teen feelings fest for its better-looking American cousin, 90210. I don’t know where to begin with this girl, who seems to love dressing like the poor man’s Taylor Momsen, who dresses like the poor man’s Courtney Love. Just a few tips for you, Shenae: Shoulderpads should not extend two inches farther than where your shoulders end. Dresses that were purchased on the sale rack at American Apparel are not suitable for the red carpet. Knee-high socks need not be worn with velvet boots, particularly in California in May. And I don’t care if it’s intentional – there is no reason I should have to see your bargain bin black lace slip that looks like a reject from The Rocky Horror Picture Show costume closet.

Best of the Week


A gorgeous dress on a beautiful girl. There’s nothing more I can add. Hair, makeup, accessories – it’s all perfect.

Fabulous First Lady


This is one of my favorite MObama looks ever. Youthful, sexy, gorgeous, and event-appropriate (she wore it to the White House Correspondents Dinner). I would have chosen only one of the bracelets, not both, but she looks absolutely flawless.

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