Taylor Swift for Vogue

Taylor Swift covers the February 2012 issue of Vogue.

First, let’s analyze this from a Taylor-as-a-model perspective – this is a GREAT cover shot. Two things her boring style has never been able to hide are her gorgeous bedroom eyes, which are astoundingly blue in this shot. Kudos to Vogue for emphasizing it with the blue print; it’s a nice touch. The very 1970s haircut looks fantastic on her features – I never noticed her incredible bone structure until now. But the first caption I see after looking at Taylor’s face is “THE DANGER OF OVERDOING OVER-THE-COUNTER-DRUGS,” which is completely fucking hilarious.

Then I looked at the actual caption for Taylor’s cover: “A cool new look for America’s sweetheart.” A cheesy line if there ever was one, but you know what? Vogue nailed it with this sort of 1970s rock star meets 1960s flower child aesthetic.

gown by Rodarte, boots by Jil Sander

That is an astoundingly beautiful dress. If it looks a tad familiar, that’s because Elle Fanning wore it to the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards last week. It was cute on Elle in a little girl sort of way, but it’s stunning and glamorous on Taylor in a whole different kind of way. The boots are fierce as hell, I might add. My only complaint is that we’re again seeing a Taylor who loves her black eyeliner a bit too much.

dress and coat by Rodarte, fringe bag by Carlos Falchi, boots by Miu Miu

SO. FUCKING FIERCE. Let’s start with the boots, because they are God’s gift to womankind (and dragqueenkind). Next, the dress, which is stunning in its own right, and clashes but matches the boots in that effortless rock goddess sort of way. The fringed purse is so fucking Cher that I can’t help but love it. And the coat? Virtually perfect. I’m not saying Taylor should hit the Grammys in this outfit, I’m just saying there’s a whole wide world of fashion out there, and there’s some interesting stuff that looks amazing on her. And she can do way better than endless virginal princess gowns.

on Taylor: dress and hat by Rodarte, boots by Michael Kors
on Caitlin Evanson (second from left) and Elizabeth Huett (left of center): leather jackets by Rodarte

It’s a testament to how great this shoot is that when I saw this photo I thought, “Ugh, who cares, I just want to see what Taylor’s wearing.” Which is a thought I have never had before in my life! Anyway, love the leather jackets on those badass brunette bitches in the photo. Now let’s discuss the awesomeness that is T.Swift in a high-waisted short sparkly skirt and ASS-HIGH LEATHER BOOTS. Love, love, LOVE to see Taylor in something not made for a little girl, an old lady, or a pretty, pretty princess!

dress by Rodarte, jeans by Levi’s, hat by Patricia Underwood, sunglasses by Ray-Ban, belt by Marni, bag by Andrew Marc, boots by Miu Miu

Oh my god. It’s like Kate Moss minus cocaine plus MORE AMAZING BOOTS times Stevie Nicks. It is virtually everything I would wear if I were a lean leggy blonde country-pop star. I am melting over the purse – those colors are amazing. And her rings? Fabulous. Plus, the HAT.

jacket and blouse by Rodarte, pants by Rag & Bone, boots by Miu Miu

This is sort of cheesy and dramatic, and you can’t see the clothes well enough anyway. That jacket looks totally fucking badass from afar, but I like the other Miu Miu boots in the previous pictures better.

Taylor doesn’t exactly model this shoot – I don’t think her expression ever changes – but she’s a phenomenal blank canvas to work on, and Vogue styled her deliciously. Let’s hope the girl learned a few lessons on stepping outside her comfort zone, because the results were really fucking fabulous.

All photos courtesy of Mario Testino for Vogue

© Democracy Diva, 2012.
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11 responses to Taylor Swift for Vogue

  1. Taylor Swift looks AMAZING in these photos! Why does she insist on dressing the way she does for award shows etc. when she could look like this?! Although I tend more toward black/urban style, these hippy-ish chic pieces are to die for, especially the boots!

  2. Molly

    Wow…what amazing shots! She looks fantastic. She should really consider going a “Kate Moss Country” route when she dresses, because she looks fierce. Props to Vogue for getting her out of her comfort zone. Im in love with the second picture, by the way. The pose and clothes are amazing.

  3. We all get that she’s pretty, but she’s capable of being downright smokin with next to no effort, which is what makes the prettyprincess shit so annoying. LOOK AT YOUR POTENTIAL, GIRLFRIEND. LIVE UP TO IT!

  4. The fact that I want the boots could scare me, since I’m about ready to just go and rip them off Not-Princess Taylor’s feet they’re that amazing. Think she’ll use any style tips from this spread for real life?

    • democracydiva – Author

      I know. Those boots evoke a visceral reaction in me that is kind of startling. I can only dream that she’ll use this spread to expand her style, but I don’t like to have high hopes when it comes to Taylor and fashion. The likelihood of disappointment’s a bit too high.

  5. Some Slut

    Damn her!!!! She’s making me too happy with this and I am supposed to hate her right now!!!! guh

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