Diva’s Choice: The Military Sweater

Marc by Marc Jacobs military sweater, $228

I’ve yet to do a post on a sweater, so I knew the first one I chose would have to be spectacular. And this Marc by Marc Jacobs piece fits the bill. (And at $228 from Bloomingdale’s, it’s much closer to the realm of affordability than most of this Diva’s Choices. Though still too pricey for this Diva on a budget.)

I LOVE cropped sweaters. Sometimes it can be hard for petite girls to pull off the cropped look – tiny girls in tiny clothes can look a little ridiculous. But something about a cropped sweater (over a long tank top, to counterbalance all the tinyness) just feels perfect for the fall.

Let’s start with the fabulous color – your basic military camouflage greenish brown. A good greenish brown piece is important to own – light enough to wear with black pants, but also looks great with blue jeans. And the buttons on the shoulders? Adorable. They make the sweater feels funky downtown vintage/Salvation Army, but the tailoring (especially in the back) is ultramodern. The cut is boxy and masculine (there’s your military inspiration)t, but the tight fit and cropped silhouette keep it feminine and just plain adorable.

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