The Month in Celebrity Fashion, Part III: Music Stars

Your favorite music stars, dolled up for the red carpet.


Carrie Underwood in Herve Leger

Lovely, but celebs need to find a new color ASAP.

Carrie Underwood in Jean Fares

Not my cup of tea, but it’s a great color and she looks lovely.

Carrie Underwood in Rene Caovilla

Ick. Very Ed Hardy-looking. If it had no sleeves and was cleavage-baring, this would be right out of Snooki’s wardrobe.


Christina Aguilera in Dolce & Gabbana

Photographic evidence that you need rehab.


Fergie in Herve Leger

I’m seeing a lot of women in solid-color dressing wearing shoes in that color, and it’s. Just. Awful. Made worse by the fake tan and the faker boobs. (Seriously, Ferg. Do you expect us to believe those are real?)

Fergie in D&G

Still hating the obnoxiously mis-matched shoes, but this is a vast improvement. Not sure the print really flatters her figure, especially when it’s that skin-tight, but it’s a hot little dress.


Florence Welch in Chanel

A goddess amongst mere mortals.

Florence Welch in Givenchy

Not my favorite Flo look, because it lacks the exuberance of many of her other looks. This is a little dark and sad.

Florence Welch in Valentino

But this is fun and flirty, and I love the shoes.

Florence Welch in Yves Saint Laurent

I prefer when her hair is down and wild, so you really get the effect of this giant ginger British chick in full-length printed gowns.


Jennifer Hudson in Michael Kors

Showing off that new figure with pride, as she should. Great dress for her – I hope she keeps it this simple more often.

Jennifer Hudson in Chloe

Ick. Hate the stiff pose and the weird shininess of the whole look – she looks like a Barbie doll, and not in the good way. The hair extensions are getting a little out of hand, and this color isn’t great on her.


Jennifer Lopez

You’re over forty and you have children. You are decades past the age where you can bare your midriff in little schoolgirl outfits.


Katy Perry

Actually, I’m loving this Easter Sunday outfit. You can get away with little-girl outfits when you have that jet-black Betty Page hair and funky glasses to keep you from looking like an actual little girl.

Katy Perry

Sad from top to bottom. Hate the color, hate the hemline, hate the straight hair and the heavy makeup.

Katy Perry in Matthew Williamson

Not my favorite Katy Perry look, but it’s one hell of an improvement. This isn’t great on her curvy figure, and the shoes don’t really work with this dress, but they’re cute on their own.


Taylor Swift in Elie Saab

Probably the best she’s ever looked. She gets a lot of crap for looking exactly same at every event, and that’s not unwarranted, but this is still within her aesthetic but a little more mature and glamorous.

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