2011 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

Let’s hit the red carpet, shall we?

AMANDA BYNES in Herve Leger

It’s actually difficult to find this many awful things to wear at the same time, so I commend Amanda on her devotion to all things fugly. Seriously, this dress is at least two sizes too small, and even if it were the right size, how many times has she worn the Herve Leger bandage dress? This dress has been worn to death. Let’s throw it a retirement party, here and now.

But let’s not forget the accessories, which are laughably horrible. Whoever sat down and said, “I’m going to make teal peep-toe platforms, with DARKER teal fringe starting at the ankles, so she looks like she’s wearing Cher’s socks!” needs a good kick in the face.

BLAKE LIVELY in Michael Kors

Not bad, though she gravitates towards this blue a bit too often. Love the shoes. But when will Blake realize that of all the gifts God has blessed her with, her hair is her best feature? She’s infinitely more beautiful with her hair down. The severe pony has never worked for her features.


It looks like Las Vegas maternity wear.
in 3.1 Phillip Lim

She needs to sue her plastic surgeon.
in Dolce & Gabbana

I don’t support rompers as a rule, but she’s thirteen, so she gets a free pass. The print of the romper and the shoes are both fabulous, though not together – but we’d have paired them together at that age, too. You know, because we had Dolce & Gabbana rompers when we were thirteen. [Editor’s Note: Not really.]
in Bottega Veneta

We love a black lace overlay almost as much as we love Emma Stone, who is back to red locks and we’re so excited, it’s a little weird. I could do without the sash around her waist, but I love the flapper feel of this dress. The yellow underlay is sexy and interesting, and I love the colors of the accessories – in the same family, but definitely not the same color. She looks fab.
in Marchesa

Fab. At anything other than the MTV Movie Awards, we’d think this looks a little too much like a glorified T-shirt. But it’s apropro for the event. I wish it were styled a little better, though. She could have really had a good time with the shoes. But maybe she was just saving her fierceness for the after-party, when she changed into this…
in Marchesa

HOLYCRAPWELOVETHIS. Again, we object to the accessories – black shoes would have been better – but the color of this dress is AMAZING. Like, this might be the only color she should ever wear. Especially with that coral lipstick, which compliments the yellow so perfectly. The dress fits her like a dream, and we like all the detailing up top, and particularly the spaghetti straps that we’re pretty sure we see. And growing out a pixie cut is no easy feet, but the soft and slick-backed ‘do works for her. This is one of our favorite Emma looks ever – and that’s saying something.
in Louis Vuitton

She looks beautiful, and I want that shade of nail polish, but why wear a suit to the MTV Movie Awards? It’s a sparkly suit, but it’s still a suit. Just seems like a strange venue for this outfit. Love the lipstick, though.

JESSICA SZOHR in Alice + Olivia

There’s a reason no one has worn giant black-and-white paisley jumpsuits since 1974.


Balmain is usually (sadly) underused at red carpet events, but the label was all over the place at the MTV Movie Awards. Leading the back was Kristen Stewart, and I think this is some of her best work. It’s a little too short, but that studded-and-safety-pinned shit is perfect for her “fuck you” personality. She was smart to under-accessorize such a detailed dress, but she could have added a little bling to perfect the look.


Next up in Balmain was Leighton Meester, looking more like a disco ball than anything else. We love dresses with pockets as much as the next girl, but she looks like Lady Gaga’s microphone.
in Balmain

Kinda boring, but we want those shoes.


Also kind of boring – enough with the nude peep-toe pumps – but we love this dress and the way it fits her.


Who is still wearing animal print? Nice shoes, though.

SELENA GOMEZ in Giambattista Valli

Pretty, but even though the skirt and top are interesting pieces, it all looks a little bland together.

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2 responses to 2011 MTV Movie Awards Red Carpet

  1. molly

    Kristen Stewart looked terrible. Her dress is too short(whats new) and her hair is fugly.

    Im not really feeling Leightons dress, because it feels like a crappy knock off Emilio Pucci dress by Jovani, but her shoes are amazing.

    Both of Emma Watsons dresses were amazing.

    And finally Blake. She really isnt that
    pretty of a girl is she? I think that when her hair is pulled back like that it just shows how very average looking she really is.

  2. I agree with that comment. Blake has a stellar body and amazing hair, but her face is kind of average looking. Pulling her hair back is just plain silly. She’s not a particularly good actress either. BLAKE, YOU HAVE A CAREER BECAUSE YOU’RE HOT. WORK IT. OWN IT. Stop with the stupid pony tails.

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