Anne Hathaway for Harper’s Bazaar

The glamourous Anne Hathaway got all dolled up for Harper’s Bazaar this month. 

Gown ($8,500) by Gucci

I love Anne Hathaway and I really love this gown, but I just don’t think she’s the lady for it. The gowns from this Gucci collection look best on whimsical, ethereal rock goddesses (like Florence Welch) and former runway models (like Transformers star Rosie Huntington-Whiteley). Anne is stunning, but this dress is wearing her. But the color suits her – that red-orange is really lovely.

Dress ($4,715) by Miu Miu

This one isn’t quite working for me either. The shoulder embellishments don’t photograph particularly well, and the top of this doesn’t fit her well enough. The fabric sort of hangs off her a bit haphazardly. To be honest, it’s a little boring.

Sweater ($1,150) and skirt ($450) by Max Mara; hat ($400) by Marie Mercie; clutch ($990) and boots ($2,500) by Prada

Finally, a shot we can get behind. It’s kitschy and cute, the boots are amazing, and she’s really pulling off that little cat-eared hat. She looks cozy and adorable in that delicious sweater, and I love that the only color in the photo is the bright red phone booth.

Dress ($14,800) by Chanel; bracelet by Cartier; flats ($595) by Christian Louboutin

Hey, editors: If you’re photographing a gown worth as much as a car, I want to actually be able to SEE it. What a waste. But the shoulders and neckline are stunning, and I love the black lace peeking out from the sleeve. However, the vintage-looking dress paired with sex hair and barely any makeup gives her a sort of saloon-barmaid vibe, what with the rest of the scene. Like, who is that man, and what is happening with his facial hair? Why isn’t Annie better at cheating at card games?

Coat ($3,980) by Prada; tights ($48) by Falke; gloves ($150) by LaCrasia; flats ($595) by Christian Louboutin

No complaints. The coat is phenomenal, and black sheer hose are making a huge comeback.

Dress ($9,980) and belt ($325) by Valentino; bag ($1,350) by Miu Miu

This is a really great shot. The detailing on that dress is so beautiful, and her expression is hilarious.

Gown by Alexander McQueen; ring by Cartier

Oy. Alexander McQueen was a genius, but he did not design for every woman. “I want people to be afraid of the women I dress,” McQueen once said. And though Anne Hathaway is a stunning, glamorous woman and a style icon in her own right, I sure as hell have never been afraid of her. She’s just too damn sweet and bubbly for such a dramatic, emotional garment by such an iconic tortured artist. This gown is a work of art, but Anne isn’t quite making it work.

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