Lea Michele for Allure Magazine

Get ready, Gleeks, because Lea snagged another magazine cover.

Photo: Norman Jean Roy for Allure

Love the big hair and the heavy eyeliner – very Barbra in the sixties. But this photo might as well be entitled “In Contemplation of Nose Jobs,” in which Lea Michele emphasizes eight hundred times that she won’t get a nose job because Barbra didn’t. Watch her looking into the mirror, gazing in awe at just how Jewish her nose dares to be. (I do the same thing, just without the photographers and stylists and paychecks.)

Photo: Norman Jean Roy for Allure

This is exhausting in its desperation. And although the hair and makeup is sort of fun, it ages her terrible. She looks like Anne Bancroft in The Graduate. Totally bangin’, but in a cougar way rather than a twenty-something way.

Photo: Norman Jean Roy for Allure

This pose is kind of cute, and her eyebrows and eye makeup look amazing. I approve.

Photo: Norman Jean Roy for Allure

I love the sweet-sassy combo of her expression, and you know I love that big-ass hair. But this sort of looks like a head shot for someone in the original cast of A Chorus Line, doesn’t it? I can’t quite get past the fear that she’s going to step-kick-kick-leap-kick-touch at any moment.

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One response to Lea Michele for Allure Magazine

  1. Molly

    This is a really fantasic photoshoot. She does 1960’s glam well. I love the first picture and your comment about it is too funny 🙂

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