Chloe Moretz for Teen Vogue

Tween-of-the-moment Chloë Moretz shows off her cuteness for Teen Vogue.

Jacket by McGinn, shirt by Loft

Well, this is adorable and hard to mock. The sweater-blouse combo is very sweet on her, particularly with that hat. I love her natural eyebrows and the relatively soft makeup, but her lips look a little over-airbrushed.

Sweater and skirt by Topshop, blouse by Diane von Furstenberg, shoes by Carven

She sort of fades into the background, doesn’t she? It’s hard to concentrate on much besides the shoes and the balloon. You can’t notice the clothes at all with all the flowers in focus.

Cardigan by Moschino Cheap & Chic, top by Ter et Bantine, sunglasses by Tsumori Chisato

The bow in her braid is more than a little stupid, but those sunglasses are too fun for words.

Dress by Gucci

This is a little too catalog model for me. I know it’s Teen Vogue, not Vogue, but it’s also not Seventeen, for God’s sake.

On Chloe: cardigan by Moschino Cheap & Chic, top by Ter et Bantine, skirt by Diane von Furstenberg, sunglasses by Tsumori Chisato

Is one of Ms. Moretz’s cronies wearing Minnie Mouse ears? I’m really not sure what I’m supposed to do with that particular fashion statement. And does literally every item Chloë is wearing have to be a different print? My eyes are exhausted.

Blouse by Marc Jacobs

Teen Vogue, what did you do to this poor girl? Her hair looks like one of Britney Spears’s cheapest wigs, that flowery blouse is absurd, and her face is airbrushed to within an inch of its life. What a disservice to a girl who could probably make a decent model – under normal circumstances.

All photos courtesy of Paola Kudacki for Teen Vogue.

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One response to Chloe Moretz for Teen Vogue

  1. I like the picture with the glasses and the bow because I’m Facebook friends with more high school kids than I’d care to admit to (I HAVE YOUNGER SIBLINGS, I’M NOT A CREEP) and that is seriously all these little hipster shits post. Endless streams of pictures just like that. So it’s kind of cute how…normal, I guess, that is?

    Other than that and the first shot, though, this shoot is kind of a disaster.

    I really want that gold Gucci dress, though… (of course.)

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