Glee’s Dianna Agron for Nylon Magazine

The beautiful Glee star got Twiggy-fied for Nylon Mag.

I’m not sure it’s an excellent cover. That pose makes her body look a little distorted, like none of her limbs are the right size. I actually love the outfit, and I think that dress makes for one hell of a cover look, but Dianna’s expression? It’s positively Kristen Stewart-ish. The Twiggy eyeliner and pale lipstick only emphasize that “someone near me just farted” expression on her face. She’s attempting sass, I think, but I’m not sure it’s really coming through.

Coat and dress by Miu Miu, tights by Hue, shoes by Jeremy Scott

Okay, the top photo is kind of great. She’s still not really modeling with her face, but that vacant expression sort of works for this 1960s Barbie doll aesthetic. And I love everything she’s wearing. Nylon really held up to their name with the fabulous display of stockings in this photo shoot. They’re almost as covetable as that Miu Miu coat, which makes me weep with longing.

Top by Diesel Black Gold, skirt by Gap, collar by Suno, tights by Wolford

This is gorgeous. I have no complaints. Hair, makeup, clothes, accessories – those stockings with the bows, I’m DYING for them – it’s all working for me. The earrings make the whole shot.

Sunglasses by Jean Paul Gaultier by Mikli, dress by Juicy Couture, tights by Wolford

Again, she’s made practically the same face in each photo, and her arms look a little disfigured in this photo, but it’s pretty fantastic all the same. Not to sound like a broken record, but those stockings. I NEED them. Also, Dianna’s classic beauty works unusually well for the Twiggy aesthetic. It’s a trend fashion editors pull out too often, but at least it works on this particular girl.

Dress by Christopher Kane

Probably my favorite picture of the bunch, if only because she’s making a new face. And I’m just in love with that dress. The earrings (Betsey Johnson) and the necklace were just brilliant styling choices.

Coat by Topshop, dress by Emporio Armani

Then things started to go to a little bit of a Barbra place, which I wanted to like, but come on. That dress is a lavender muumuu. That neckline is ridiculous, and the coat… well, you can’t pair a Topshop faux fur coat with expensive pieces and expect it not to look cheap, at least not in this photo.

She looks like a Jewish Emma Watson in this photo, which is basically the highest compliment I can give anyone. But I don’t actually like this photo – you can only see the white of her left eye, plus those eyelashes that come halfway as far out as her nose, for crying out loud. That’s just unreasonable. And I’m not sold on those earrings. I think they’re just too much.

All photos courtesy of Martin Scott Jarrett for Nylon, via Tom & Lorenzo.

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3 responses to Glee’s Dianna Agron for Nylon Magazine

  1. Sadly I can’t agree with you. I really love Dianna, her face is so incredible…but since she cut her hair…uff…can`t handle all of her stylings…Qinn Fabray needs longer hair. And I’m not rally sold on this styling…maybe I’m just to conservative…
    but nevertheless I love your blog and I appreciate all the work you do

  2. […] Well, I’m never quite supportive of these Mary Katrantzou dresses that all the hipster starlets are wearing nowadays, but this is one of the less offensive ones. It doesn’t have a fishbowl on it or anything, so I guess it passes. Anyway, her hair and makeup are stunning, and that headband is really what makes me not mind the way-too-much-pattern of the dress. She really does look kind of ethereal and lovely, which makes for a nice contrast with the booties. It’s not an awards show look, but it’s definitely a “celebrating your Nylon cover” look. (More on that fabulous mod Nylon shoot here.) […]

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