Dakota Fanning for Elle UK

Because you can’t get enough Fanning.

photographed by David Slijper

blouse by Louis Vuitton

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

A fucking fabulous cover if I’ve ever seen one. She’s virtually a porcelain doll, and the caption (DAKOTA will see you now) is too dramatic to resist. Her seafoam blue-green eyes will pull attention from across the room, and the fabulous lips and nails are delightful.

dress and cape by Miu Miu

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

I liked the expressionless thing in the first shot, but if she’s not playing a porcelain doll, it’s kind of creepy and boring at the same time. She looks a little Kristen Stewart-ish, unreasonably melancholy about wearing a Miu Miu cape that I will steal off her back when she’s not looking. It’s a fabulous shot of the clothes, but it’s not the best portrait of Dakota.

top, skirt and coat by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

It’s just a shame you can barely see the clothes, since they blend in with her skin and the backdrop. The eyes and lips are fabulous, but we should be able to notice the fashion, no?

dress by Jonathan Saunders

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

I think this is lovely, actually. The hair color is a little chlorine-looking, and there’s still a lot of hair blending into the yellow embellishments on the dress and skin and dress blending in with the background. Not always a bad thing, but it’d be nice to see a little more diversity when the model is a seventeen-year-old acting prodigy who’s been wise beyond her years for a decade and has an equally cool little sister and just seems so precociously fascinating.

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