RESULTS: March Fabness 2012, Round 5

The most hotly contested March Fabness battle to date has closed, and the results may surprise you.

Duchess Catherine, 48% vs. EMMA WATSON, 52%

EMMA STONE, 84% vs. Dita von Teese, 16%

Despite being ahead in the polls until the final hours, the Duchess failed to clinch the win from 2011 Champ Emma Watson. But Ms. Stone beat Dita von Teese handily, meaning the final round will be the EMMA VS. EMMA battle we’ve all been dreaming of!

The final round is upon us, dear readers. Stay tuned to decide once and for all – who’s the fabbest Emma of them all?

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5 responses to RESULTS: March Fabness 2012, Round 5

  1. Molly

    I predict Miss Watson will take the crown again! Either way, you cant go wrong. Im really shocked that Kate Middleton didnt win this round. Wasnt she in the lead for most of it? Not that Im complaining or anything 😛

    • democracydiva – Author

      I really thought Kate was going to take it! She was in the lead the whole time until last night, when the Watson votes started pouring in. Such an excellent surprise! Leave it to Emma to trick us all into thinking she’ll lose, and then pulling out a victory in the end.

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