Eddie Redmayne for Esquire

Eddie Redmayne, better known as Les Mis‘s Marius, gives us some ridiculously dramatic man-posing courtesy of Esquire.

Esquire January 2013
photographed by Tom Craig
styled by Catherine Hayward
jacket, shirt, pants, and shoes by Burberry Prorsum

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

Help! Eddie Redmayne is trapped in a 1970s recording studio and can’t express his emotions via live-action singing in one take! Sorry if I can’t take this “portrait of the actor gazing pensively into the light” shit seriously, but then again, who can?

jacket by Paul Smith, shirt by Jil Sander

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

Ah, I see. Gazing fixedly into the light = Eddie is pensive; away from the light = Eddie has all of the feelings. Thanks for clearing that up for us, Esquire.

jacket by Gucci, shirt by The Kooples, watch by Omega

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

Guys, I swear, I really do love Eddie Redmayne, but these pictures are too fucking ridiculous. I can’t even gaze into his beautiful cat-like eyes or stare hungrily at his ridiculously gigantic delicious mouth because he looks like such a freaking doofus. And I probably haven’t used that word since the 90s, so you know I mean it.

jacket, waistcoat, shirt, pants, and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

Delicious. Still overly dramatic to the point of satire, but at least it’s a picture that I can look at and reflect upon how great Eddie looks rather than how absurdly feelingsy the setting is.

jacket, waistcoat, and shirt by Prada

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

Eddie is sad because he know the sign says something important – but HE CAN’T READ! Also, a note to the stylist: don’t put a skinny guy with a babyface in a jacket with such giant lapels. Eddie looks like a kid in his grandpa’s suit.

jacket and shirt by Christian Dior

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

This guy really is befuddled by technology, huh? I feel like right before every single shot, the photographed yelled, “NO, Eddie! Be MORE confused by the buttons! Look at the neon light like you’ve never SEEN electricity!”

jacket and shirt by Alexander McQueen

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

It’s still difficult to take him seriously, but I saw his freckles and fucking giggled and blushed like a little schoolgirl. That’s got to be the sign of a good photo, right? Also, the jacket is simply fantastic.

jacket and shirt by Viktor & Rolf, pants by Burberry Prorsum, watch by Omega, shoes by Mr. Hare

Photo: Tom Craig/Esquire

“NO, Eddie! Be MORE untrustworthy of the amps! The machines are coming to defeat you!” yelled the photographer. Poor Eddie needs to be in a modern film next time so he doesn’t have to fear the vapors of electricity like he’s the Dowager freakin’ Countess.

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