Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue’s September Issue

It’s Jennifer Lawrence. It’s the September issue of Vogue. Do I really need to sell you on something that’s already that amazing, dear readers?  

Vogue September 2013
photographed by Mario Testino
styled by Tonne Goodman
top and skirt by Dolce & Gabbana, belt by Lanvin, watch by Louis Vuitton

Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue

FUCK. YES. Like most young human beings, I haven’t bothered spending money on magazines in years, since all the pictures are online before they go to print anyway. But I love Jennifer Lawrence too much not to buy this issue of Vogue. I am an unabashed fangirl of everything she does, but this is a great photo shoot whether you worship her as much as I do or not. I am all about this incredibly sexy mussed-up bob on her, bringing out her inner old Hollywood movie star. I always love a smoky eye on her, because she’s got those crazy-gorgeous bedroom eyes. Throw on beautiful clothes, a truly gorgeous watch, and a metric shit-ton of pretty flowers, and I’m on board.

jacket and skirt by Rochas, gloves by Gaspar, boots by Hunter

Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue

I’m not sure she could climb this tree at full speed in that luxuriously heavy Rochas skirt, but at least her Hunter boots are setting-appropriate. She looks simultaneously obscenely fashionable and ready to grab her bow and arrows from a hole in that tree and kill some motherfuckers. That’s a hard line to walk, but Jennifer Lawrence does it well.

coat and dress by Ralph Lauren

Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue

Sexy as hell, and I love the coat. That’s part of what makes the September issue my favorite – fall fashion is the absolute best, and I could just drool over coats and blazers all day long.

coat and shorts by Louis Vuitton, sweater by Nina Ricci, scarf by Etro

Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue

Okay, the Ralph Lauren coat was nice and all, but this plaid-ombre-sparkles Louis Vuitton coat is a fucking work of art. I’m not sure what temperature requires you to be in a heavy coat, scarf, and sweater, but without discernible pants, but whatever, she’s fierce and her dog is adorable.

dress by Prada

Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue

To prove that Vogue really can be in touch with the common people, here is something literally everyone can enjoy – Jennifer Lawrence hugging lots of puppies. Isn’t America awesome?

dress by Calvin Klein

Photo: Mario Testino/Vogue


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3 responses to Jennifer Lawrence for Vogue’s September Issue

  1. eric choty loveyoudercher

    i just need to comment that my hunter boots did NOT survive the peace corps
    see you in nyc love?

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