March Fabness 2017, Round 2: Dior & McQueen Brackets

It’s FINALLY fucking Friday. 



Emma in Giambattista Valli; Gabrielle in Dion Lee

Emma: So… is he gone?

Gabrielle: Is who gone?


Emma in Giambattista Valli

Emma: YOU know.

Gabrielle: No, I definitely don’t.


Emma in Chanel; Gabrielle in Rodarte

Emma: *whispers* Ryan.

Gabrielle: GOSLING?


Emma in Chanel; Gabrielle in Thakoon

Emma: Keep your voice down, woman!

Gabrielle: Sorry! So, why are we hiding from Ryan Gosling?


Emma in Prada; Gabrielle in Marc Jacobs

Emma: Well – not hiding, per se, just –

Gabrielle: Out with it, Stone.


Emma in McQueen; Gabrielle in Naeem Khan

Emma: He is quite possibly the clingiest human being on the planet.

Gabrielle: Oh, yeah, it must be just AWFUL having him around all the time. How TERRIBLE for you.



Taraji in Naeem Khan

Taraji: Haii, Bella!

Bella: *glumly* Hi.


Taraji in Bibhu Mohapatra

Taraji: Why so blue, honey?

Bella: Who said I’m blue?

Ribbet collage

Taraji in Bibhu Mohapatra; Bella in Dior

Taraji: Well, if that’s your happy face, I’ve got some killer antidepressants I can recommend.

Bella: I’ve got a clutch full of Xanax, Taraji. I don’t need more.

Ribbet collage

Taraji in Greta Constantine; Bella in  Givenchy

Taraji: I’m just saying, it’s a competition! It’s supposed to be fun!

Bella: Is it?

Ribbet collage

Taraji in Alexander Wang; Bella in Givenchy

Taraji: Yes! That’s why we’re both making ridiculous Blue Steel faces, isn’t it?

Bella: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

Ribbet collage

Taraji in Alberta Ferretti; Bella in Roberto Cavalli

Taraji: Fine, you glum bitch. I give up. Mope away.

Bella: Whatever. My diamond necklace would beat yours in a fight.



Elle in Giamba

Evan: Oh, hiiii, sweetie!

Elle: … Hey?


Evan in Wolf and Badger

Evan: Aww, look at you, widdle darling!!

Elle: Why are you talking to me like that?


Elle in Prada

Evan: You’re like a little doll!

Elle: I’m actually a human person.


Evan in Alberta Ferretti; Elle in Elie Saab

Evan: No, you’re a Disney princess! Look at you! Birds dress you in the morning!

Elle: No, that sounds weird and unsanitary.


Evan in Altuzarra; Elle in Marc Jacobs

Evan: I think your dress might actually have a zebra-unicorn, a pink poodle, and various emojis on it.

Elle: So?!


Evan in Altuzarra; Elle in Oscar de la Renta

Evan: SO, you are virtually indistinguishable from a cartoon character.

Elle: Fine. Will a column gown shut you up?


Ribbet collage

Ruth in Miu Miu

Karlie: Hi, Ruth! Love the Peter Pan collar!

Ruth: Ugh. Real nice, Karlie.

Ribbet collage

Karlie in Camilla and Marc; Ruth in Erdem

Karlie: What’s that on your dress – birds? How interesting!

Ruth: “Interesting”? Seriously?

Ribbet collage

Ruth in Valentino

Karlie: What? I think your green fingernails make a lot of sense with that outfit!

Ruth: Your sarcasm is really unnecessary.

Ribbet collage

Karlie in Prabal Gurung; Ruth in Dolce & Gabbana

Karlie: Sarcasm?! Can’t a woman compliment another woman’s fringe-sleeves?

Ruth: Not the way you just did.

Ribbet collage

Karlie in Brandon Maxwell; Ruth in Chanel

Karlie: Whatever, I still think you look like a cool Game of Thrones character.

Ruth: Okay, now I KNOW that’s an insult.

Ribbet collage

Karlie in Stella McCartney; Ruth in Valentino

Karlie: But I – I really wasn’t – I actually do like – ugh, I give up. You’re the worst.

Ruth: See? I KNEW you actually hated me.

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