The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 1

From Sally Draper to Betty Draper, let’s judge the best and worst of this week’s red carpet fashion.  Are you ready?

2014 MTV Movie Awards

Welcome to the MTV Movie Awards, where stars I’ve never heard try to out-hideous each other on the red carpet!
Are you ready?

The Week in Celebrity Fashion

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled bitchfest, dear readers!   Are you ready to judge?

March Fabness 2014: And the winner is…

The March Fabness 2014 champion is here, ready to be crowned Fabbest of them All.  And the winner is…

March Fabness 2014 FINALS: Lupita vs. Emma!

picture2life_39019_original (1)
Only one can be crowned the Fabbest of them All.  Are you ready?

RESULTS: March Fabness 2014, Final Four

Only two celebrities remain to fight for the title of Fabbest of them All.  And the winners are…

March Fabness 2014: Final Four, Part 2

Knowledge isn’t power – POWER is power. (And fabness is power too.)  [Read more...]


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