Red Carpet Predictions: Fall 2014 Couture, Part 1

Here’s all the couture that everyone who matters will be wearing.  Are you ready?

The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 1

Mondays are hard, but judging is easy.  Join the party.

The Week in Celebrity Fashion

Ms. Kruger leads the pack yet again in your regularly-scheduled red carpet bitch-fest.  Let’s start judging.

Front Row at Paris Couture Fashion Week

Everyone is in Paris without us. Let’s hate them for it.  Are you ready to judge?

The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 1

This week, the stars party in London and hit up fashion shows all over the world. Because they can.
Let’s judge these lucky bitches.

Red Carpet Predictions: Resort 2015, Part 4

And now, I bring you the final batch of fabulous red carpet predictions.  Are you ready?

The Week in Celebrity Fashion

It’s officially July, so approximately 80% of starlets are wearing little white dresses at any given moment.  Let’s judge them!


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