The Week in Celebrity Fashion

Welcome back to your regularly scheduled bitchfest, dear readers!   Are you ready to judge?

March Fabness 2014: And the winner is…

The March Fabness 2014 champion is here, ready to be crowned Fabbest of them All.  And the winner is…

March Fabness 2014 FINALS: Lupita vs. Emma!

picture2life_39019_original (1)
Only one can be crowned the Fabbest of them All.  Are you ready?

RESULTS: March Fabness 2014, Final Four

Only two celebrities remain to fight for the title of Fabbest of them All.  And the winners are…

March Fabness 2014: Final Four, Part 2

Knowledge isn’t power – POWER is power. (And fabness is power too.)  [Read more...]

March Fabness 2014: Final Four, Part 1

When you play the Game of Fabness, you win… or you die.
Are you ready to vote?

RESULTS: March Fabness 2014, Elite 8

After four weeks of ferocious competition, March Fabness 2014 finally has its Final Four.

[Read more...]


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