Glee’s Darren Criss for GQ

Two words: DARREN CRISS. But you might need some more words, like GLEE. BLAINE. KURT’S BOYFRIEND. A VERY POTTER MUSICAL.

Don’t expect too much critique – it’s a very cute boy in a lot of very cute suits, which is hard to make fun of (even for me). So sit back, relax, and enjoy a little too much of Darren Criss’s ankles, but just enough of the rest of him.

Suit by Club Monaco ($400), shirt by Nautica ($70), bow tie by Rag & Bone ($95), shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo ($570), pocket square by the Tie Bar.

The suit is delicious, but the cuffed-up pants make him look even more like an overgrown schoolboy than he already does. Love the bow tie and the pocket square. But the pose is great, especially for someone new to modeling.

Suit by Boss Black ($695), shirt by D&G ($265), bow tie by Thom Browne ($175), pocket square by R. Hanauer.

A little too cheesy. The Happy Days hair isn’t a great look for him, even though he takes well to vintage-style clothing. This is just a little silly and over-airbrushed.

Suit by Gucci ($1850), shirt by Gucci ($355), tie by Eton of Sweden ($125), shoes by Cole Haan ($198), pocket square by Lands’ End Canvas.

Phenomenal suit and lovely shoes, but why do all the pants hit at the ankle? It makes his legs look incredibly short. But that kicked-out foot is very charming in an “aww, shucks” sort of way.

Suit by Ralph Lauren ($1595), shirt by Ralph Lauren ($295), tie by Club Monaco ($35), loafers by Alfred Sargent.

Another perfect suit. Ankles still exposed. And D.Criss always looks pretty gay, but this might top them all.

Jacket by Michael Bastian ($595), shirt by Gitman Vintage ($155), tie by Uniqlo ($13), pants by Topman ($72), loafers by Tommy Hilfiger ($200), pocket square by R. Hanauer, glasses by Jil Sander.

Apparently, Darren Criss is joining the cast of Hairspray. But at least he’s doing it with a strong breeze around his ankles and the world’s coolest blazer. (Actually, the blazer is kind of douchey, but it’s beautiful in its uber-preppy way.)

Tuxedo by Prada ($3190), shirt by Prada ($440), bow tie by Prada ($195), pocket square by Paul Stuart.

Perfect tux (how could it not be – it’s PRADA!) and it’s styled impeccably. His eager, “go to prom with me?” face is too cute to handle.

Suit by Tommy Hilfiger ($548), shirt by Lands’ End Canvas ($40), bow tie by Gilbert & Lewis ($30), suspenders by Topman ($22), sunglasses by Moscot ($255), shoes by G.H. Bass ($89).

This is more than a little bit stupid, from the seersucker to the suspenders to the bowling shoes. There’s doing a vintage/hipster vibe, and there’s looking like an idiot.

Tuxedo by Topman ($360), shirt by John Varvatos ($115), bow tie by J. Lindeberg ($80)

Take note, men: this is how to do a tux. (And a relatively inexpensive one at that.)

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5 responses to Glee’s Darren Criss for GQ

  1. TGB

    Thank gawd I’m not the only one who thinks the shortened-trousers socks-less look is just mind-numbingly stupid. I just saw this photo spread on the GQ site and while there are some aspects that are charming and quirky, there’s a series of idiot choices in these that need to be stomped out in general – not just Darren’s modelling but in mens’ attire overall.

    • TGB

      Oh, and, of course, in Glee’s wardrobe for Darren as “Blaine”. Have you _seen_ what they put him in?

      • democracydiva – Author

        Couldn’t agree more! I saw him in some ankle-baring pants on the show – it’s just an awful look. Thanks for commenting!

  2. MrsDarrenCriss

    I think Darren looks uber hot in all of these photos, (as i think he does all the time). I do have to agree that the cuffed pants looks a bit weird though, and why is he wearing a shirt in all these photos?!

  3. showtune

    It wouldn’t be so bad if the pants were just short, but they also never seem to fit right. A tad tight in my humble opinion. He’s a tiny guy so they should be able to get clothes that don’t make him look like he’s wearing his younger brother’s clothes.

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