The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part I

Welcome back, lovers.


Work it, girl! The top is a little unflattering, but the color is absolutely stunning, especially with her porcelain skin. These ruffly, belted dresses are super-trendy, as are the black peep-toe pumps. Good for Breslin, because working your way out of puberty and into adulthood while in the spotlight is extraordinarily difficult, and she does it all with class and style.

in Carolina Herrera
Really lovely – she looks youthful and not overly made up. I love the shoulders on this dress. But every starlet is pairing dresses randomly with blue or green shoes, and it’s not my favorite trend. It works when it brings out one of the more subtle colors in the dresses, or when it off-sets a solid, neutral-colored dress. But here, it just looks like a mistake, and one that distracts the viewer from an otherwise lovely look.

I love me some Alison Brie, but I wish this girl would just give me a phone call for some style advice already. Trust me, if I had my hands on this cute little lady, she wouldn’t look like she was on her way to prom.
It’s a step in the right direction, but she’s still got work to do. The photo is pretty over-exposed, so maybe the color looked better in person, but she’s too fair-skinned for this dress, which brings out the blue tones in her skin. But she’s got lovely legs, a KILLER rack, and a Disney princess face – all she needs is the right stylist and this girl could be red carpet gold.

in Versace

I’m no fan of la Jolie, but I respect a woman who wears chocolate brown on the runway. It’s a lovely and underused color, and it looks fabulous on brown-eyed or brown-haired women. The slit is a few inches too high for my taste, but otherwise, I like the gown. The bodice could feet better, but the draping and rouching is really interesting.
Let’s take a look at the back:

Oof. If it fit better, it could be lovely. But as it is, it looks a bit like, in the great words of Michael Kors, she’s pooping fabric.

in Roberto Cavalli

You can tell just from this photo that Bar is both a fierce model and an ex-girlfriend of Leonardo DiCaprio. The fabric change starting at the vag is a little oddly placed, but otherwise it’s a killer dress for a model.
Let’s view it from behind:

Holy MOSES, that is one phenomenal ass. I actually can’t stop looking at it. It’s like a car accident, if Leonardo DiCaprio used to tap car accidents.

in Roberto Cavalli

This Israeli goddess looks like a modern flapper in her beaded, fringed mini-dress.

Oh, fabulous. I’m so glad white sweatsocks are now trendy for red carpet hipsters. I was just DYING for that to become a thing. She doesn’t at all look like a grandma.

Oh god. The white sweatsocks have grown MARY-JANES. I’m so glad that women over 35 (yes, Chloe is THIRTY-SIX YEARS OLD) think that it’s “cool” to dress like little schoolgirls.
Glee‘s resident blonde cutie pie and “Trouty Mouth” has chopped off his goldilocks and gone BRUNETTE! I’m loving it – he looks infinitely more mature. The classes are sweet, the tie is lovely, and the suit is pretty nice, although it doesn’t fit him too well. The pants are way too long, and that single black button is kind of distracting.
in Dolce & Gabbana

I long for the day when Christina Aguilera stops styling herself like a drag queen impersonator of herself. Because this hair and makeup are just plain awful.
in Kenneth Cole

Another Glee cutie pie, rocking another light-colored suit! Those pants are a hot wrinkled disaster, and he’d look much slimmer if he kept the jacket buttoned, but he looks so cute in those classes that I can’t even care. Love the gray shoes.
Anytime Courtney Love has clothes on, I consider it a victory.

Yes, that’s Glee‘s own Quinn Fabray, debuting her fabulous new bob, which is SUPER-fantastic. After two years of cheerleader ponytails, I understand why she’d want to chop her hair off as soon as season two finished filming. Her dress is cute and fun, and her many giant purses are awesome.

Not my favorite color brown. A few shades lighter or darker would be lovely, but this isn’t great on her skin. And it just seems like she wrapped a bedsheet around herself and belted it.

in Oscar de la Renta
I’d never heard of Fan Bing Bing until this week, when I saw her rocking all sorts of couture on every red carpet in Cannes. Apparently she’s one of the biggest actresses in China – the always-reliable source of Wikipedia tells me she ranked 10th in the Forbes China Celebrity 100 of 2010, and 9th in 2011. So now that you know her, it’s time to judge her!

Mint-lime green is not an easy shade to pull off on the red carpet, but Bing Bing is WORKING it. This is clearly the sort of dress that looks way better on the runway (because you don’t have to sit in it and wrinkle the entire skirt before entering a runway), but in spite of the wrinkles and mislaid drapings, I respect a girl who dares to wear such a unique color, especially when it’s Oscar de la Renta. Love the hair, too.
in Atelier Versace

Whoa. I hope Bing Bing gets cast in some American films so that we can see how fabulous she is on more red carpets. This dress is so incredibly beautiful. The fading from dark, eggplant purple to the lightest lavender/lilac is stunning, and the texture of that skirt is breathtaking.
in Elie Saab
Three different Cannes Film Festival red carpets, three different dresses by three of the world’s greatest designers. The sheer shawl/coat is beautiful, but I’d like to take it off just to see more of the actual dress, which is SO beautiful. The necklace and earrings are absolutely divalicious, and she looks every bit the old Hollywood starlet.


You know what? This skirt is really fun and daring. But warning: hips in this skirt may appear much larger than they actually are.

in Stella McCartney

Like Christina Aguilera, Gwen Stefani insists on platinum-blonde hair and trannylicious makeup, which has the effect of aging Gwen pretty terribly. I hate jumpsuits as a rule, but if you have to wear one, this one is minimally offensive. At least it’s black, shiny, and dressy.
in Armani Prive

I honestly did not think the hair/makeup situation could get worse . . . alas, I was wrong. I honestly cannot believe that she looked in a mirror before she left the house, because no sane woman would step out of a limo onto the red carpet with that amount of paint on her face. The dress is at least interesting, even if it’s not necessarily that beautiful – the double-bows are kind of nice, but the black stripe doesn’t do anything for me.


in Roberto Cavalli

It’s hard to catch at first glance, but if  you look closely, you can see that Halle’s blouse actually ends with a little bit of fringe that sits right in front of her hoo-ha, like a merkin. (Look it up.) And although I love a white suit, I can’t think about anything except white pubes, so this look is kind of ruined for me.
in Oscar de la Renta

I got actively excited when I saw this dress. I haven’t truly liked anything Hilary’s worn in a few years, so this fabulous little dress really caught my eye. The colors are so bold, and the bright-pink shoes kind of work, in a strange sort of way.
in Isaac Mizrahi

Not as adorable as dress numero uno, but still fun and floral and colorful, which is always great. Not crazy about the shoes, though.

in Dolce & Gabbana

Did I not tell you guys that the Dolce & Gabbana Spring 2011 collection is haunting my dreams because of how many celebrities have worn those little white lace dresses? Well, here’s another to add to the list.

in a Reem Acra dress and Aldo shoes

A sweet dress, but between the pink in the dress, the hot pink purse, the baby pink shoes, the pink nails, and the red hair – it’s a little overwhelming.

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