Red Carpet Watch: Stars at the MoMA Film Benefit

You know those Hollywood types – they just love any excuse to dress up.

BLAKE LIVELY // dress by Chanel, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Amanda Schwab/Startraks

Definitely my favorite Blake Lively look in recent memory. The hair is cute, the makeup even better. The earrings are gorgeous, but she needs to lose half the bracelets. (Coco Chanel tells us to take off one accessory before we leave the house, Blake. You should consider heeding her advice several times.) The dress itself is over-designed in the best way possible. There’s lots to look at, and it’s all pleasing to the eye, even if it’s a little much. I love the stockings and the shoes. But darling, that tacky blue nail polish is killing me. Lose it.


Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Should I bother using words, or should I just bow down to Anna Wintour? I mean, she was born for this look, complete with her favorite shoes and signature necklace.

EMMA STONE // dress by Chanel

Photo: AAR/Fame

The purse is too much, and the makeup is a little heavy, but this gown is all kinds of awesome. Busy as hell, from the print to the ruffles to the draping to the shoulder embellishment, but so stunning that if you nix any attention-grabbing accessories, it’s one hell of a look.

JOAN SMALLS // dress by Tom Ford

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Sorry, Joan, but this has already been worn – much better, I might say – by both Emma Stone and Lady Gaga. If you’re going to wear something we’ve seen a few times before, it better be styled a hell of a lot better than this.


Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

Boring. C’mon, Olivia, give us something to talk about!

ELIZABETH OLSEN // dress and shoes by Chanel

Photo: Robert Pitts/Landov

This dress is all wrong for her. The belt is way too high up, making her stomach look twice its actual size, and giving her no waist or hips whatsoever. And that asymmetrical hem looks like Dracula’s cape.

LARA STONE // dress by Calvin Klein

Photo: Rex

Try harder, darling. Head-to-toe paleness is not a look we love.

MIRANDA KERR // dress by Peter Pilotto, purse by Calvin Klein, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood

Photo: Billy Farrell/Sipa

Oof. Stop trying so hard, darling. And your love of the ugliest Nicholas Kirkwood heels you can find is really getting exhausting.

DREW BARRYMORE // dress by Chanel

Photo: Billy Farrell/Sipa

Whenever Drew Barrymore hits the red carpet, I just know she’s going to dress like a zany, hippie grandma. Clearly, I am right.

CHLOË MORETZ // top and pants by Chanel

Photo: Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty

She’s just so friggen adorable. I’d never wear any of this, but I would if I were a fourteen-year-old starlet.

SARAH JESSICA PARKER // gown and coat by Chanel

Photo: Amanda Schwab/Startraks

This gown was my Resort 2012 red carpet prediction for Clemence Poesy, and SJP is destroying it. What the fuck is going on with this giant coat-vest she’s wearing? I don’t care how expensive it is, it makes you look homeless. And that makeup is atrocious. I can’t believe there’s a licensed stylist alive who would let her leave the house like this. For shame, SJP’s Gays. For shame.

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