Project Runway Recap: S10 E8

Pull on your coats and boots, dear readers, and let’s pretend it’s time for fall fashion.

The Challenge: Whore yourself and your glittery, spray-painted wares out on the streets of Manhattan to raise money for your fabric budget. Then, in teams of three, create two cohesive fall looks, with at least one incorporating outerwear. Oh, and try not to murder each other.

Guest Judge: Anna Sui. Or, as I defined her to my boyfriend, “You know my ridiculous white stockings with the cherries on them? Those are Anna Sui!” (Ugh, I miss those. It’s really hard to pull off cherry-adorned stockings in law school.)

Team Christopher/Gunnar/Sonjia: Look 1
jacket by SONJIA WILLIAMS (Winner), dress by GUNNAR DEATHERAGE

I love this jacket. I knew Nina would love it, but I could only have hoped that it would snag the win as it did, because I never really trust the judges to pick my favorite piece for the win. But the way it closes has a delicious Givenchy feel to it, and the two-toned sleeves with the tiny little button embellishments are to die for. Gunnar’s dress was lovely, but it was obviously this jacket that stole the show.

Team Christopher/Gunnar/Sonjia: Look 2

This coat got a fair amount of love, but I wasn’t nearly quite as sold as our dear judges. I think it’s got some execution problems and the color isn’t my favorite. Once again, the dress had some lovely leatherwork by Gunnar, but this look was a little more overwrought than chic.

Team Alicia/Dmitry/Elena: Look 1
dress and shawl by DMITRY SHOLOKHOV

Throwing a cape on top of the same dress you’ve been making every goddamn challenge? Seriously? That’s the level we’ve deteriorated to already? And I actually kind of like this weird giant scarf (though I think it’s much more winter than fall). But if he expects me to drool every time he churns out a tight jersey dress, he’s vastly underestimating the expectations of the Democracy Diva.

Team Alicia/Dmitry/Elena: Look 2
top and pants by ALICIA HARDESTY (Eliminated), coat by ELENA SLIVNYAK

Elena, you are the only woman alive who thinks that boxy, shapeless coats that make women look like brick walls are chic. And that collapsing collar is awful. But I couldn’t disagree with this week’s auf-ing, as Alicia never really showed the judges what she’s capable of. The top and pants were throwaway pieces, and for the judges, boring is often a worse crime than hideous.

Team Fabio/Melissa/Ven: Look 1
jacket and purse by MELISSA FLEIS, top by FABIO COSTA, skirt by VEN BUDHU

I liked this jacket, but I didn’t go as crazy for it as the judges did. And I think it’s obscured by some of the frumpiest, least stylish pieces I’ve ever seen. And I didn’t even notice the fucking SOCKS during the runway show. An Amish-length skirt and mauve socks with heels? They’ve got to be fucking kidding.

Team Fabio/Melissa/Ven: Look 2
coat and top by FABIO COSTA, pants by VEN BUDHU, purse by MELISSA FLEIS

I’m offended that anyone would even try to label that sad, shapeless sweater-thing as a “coat.” Fabio’s lucky he’s got a decent track record with the judges, because he easily could have been sent home for his truly underwhelming work this week. But Alicia’s yet to really show anything to impress the judges, and so Fabio lived to see another week. Let’s pray we can’t say the same for Ven, whose departure I am still anxiosuly awaiting.

Judges’ Top 3: Sonjia, Christopher, Gunnar
Diva’s Top 3: Sonjia, Gunnar, Melissa
Judges’ Bottom 3: Dmitry, Fabio, Alicia
Diva’s Bottom 3: Elena, Fabio, Alicia

© Democracy Diva, 2012.
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2 responses to Project Runway Recap: S10 E8

  1. emma

    Like you said, for the first time the judges weren’t too far off on their picks for the best and worst creations. However, this episode was far from perfect. In fact, I think it was one of the least exciting episodes of the season. Seriously, how many more team challenges can we possibly get subjected to?! I’m glad that I ended up not being home that night and had to record the whole thing, since I fast-forwarded through most of it. Who knew that it would be a blessing in disguise that I got caught up in my office at Dish last Thursday night?! LOL! I’m also glad that this snoozer of an episode didn’t make me miss out on all the other big events of the night, like the DNC and VMAs, since my Hopper DVR is able to record up to six things. Let’s just hope that tonight delivers something more exciting, like Elena’s inevitable elimination!

  2. Marie

    The coat you love from Sonya is only a 3 quarter sleeve and the cuff part you love so much is a part of the dress gunner made. Don’t know if that will change your opinion on how much you love this coat. I would say that Gunner deserved the win but I don’t like his attitude and how he would act if he did get the win especially since before the runway he was downing his group members when they were the items the judges loved most.
    also I have read on your decoy opinion blog that you didn’t understand why the designers didn’t spend more time on their designs but they don’t get any money from the producers to create a new collection they show items that they have already created before they got on project runway or was able to fund and create after they are kicked off. So that is why they don’t always look so good. For Ven his collection looked like something that he probably showed for his graduate project in his final year at design school that he claims he won 4 awards for.
    elena decoy collection looks exactly the same as the collection she showed in all stars along with all her other pieces..although many don’t like Christopher I would have prefered him to get to the top 3 instead of elena in all stars. But am enjoying reading what others think of each design since I just found your website during a marathon of all the past seasons of project runway that I have been doing.

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