March Fabness 2018: Sweet 16, Part 1

Oh, it’s ON now, motherfuckers.


Ribbet collage.jpg

Jessica in No. 21 vs. Yara in Gucci

Jessica: Ah, youth.

Yara: I’m sorry?

Ribbet collage

Jessica in McQueen vs. Yara in Prada

Jessica: What I wouldn’t give to be sixteen again.

Yara: I’m eighteen.

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Jessica in Prada vs. Yara in Marni

Jessica: That’s not different.

Yara: It is to me.

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Jessica in Prada vs. Yara

Jessica: Oh, you sweet summer child. What do you know about the world?

Yara: Enough to know that your condescending language is reflective of society’s patriarchal tendency to tear down young women and girls, thereby contributing to our objectification and subjugation.

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Jessica in Elie Saab vs. Yara in Giambattista Valli

Jessica: I… um… what? Where did you even learn that?

Yara: I worked on Michelle Obama’s Let Girls Learn education initiative.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Jessica in Zuhair Murad vs. Yara in Prada

Jessica: Oh.

Yara: No, sorry, that one I actually heard in the partnership I created with the Young Women’s Leadership School to bring high school students together to discuss social issues and how to take action.

Ribbet collage

Jessica in Givenchy vs. Yara in Ralph Lauren

Jessica: Wow.

Yara: Yeah.


Ribbet collage

Kate in Dolce & Gabbana vs. Kiernan in Miu Miu

Kate: Um… Gen Z is the greatest! Yay, youth!

Kiernan: What?

Ribbet collage.jpg

Kate in Catherine Walker vs. Kiernan in Chanel

Kate: Sorry, I just overheard Jessica Chastain getting completely schooled by Yara Shahidi.

Kiernan: Sounds about right.

Ribbet collage

Kate in Orla Kiely vs. Kiernan in Dior

Kate: God, I love your shoes. I wish I were allowed to wear flats.

Kiernan: You can’t wear flats?

Ribbet collage.jpg

Kate in Gucci vs. Kiernan in Rosie Assoulin

Kate: Not unless I want to hear about it from my grandmother-in-law.

Kiernan: Is that a thing? Who worries about what their grandmother-in-law thinks?

Ribbet collage

Kate in McQueen vs. Kiernan in Erdem

Kate: Um…

Kiernan: OH! Oh, right. She’s like, the fucking queen. Duh.

Ribbet collage

Kate in McQueen vs. Kiernan in Delpozo

Kate: Yes. So you can see my predicament.

Kiernan: Definitely. Well, at least you get to be married to Prince Harry!

Ribbet collage

Kate in Jenny Packham vs. Kiernan in Miu Miu

Kate: Uh, no. That’s the other one.

Kiernan: Oh. Sorry.


Ribbet collage

Janelle in Kaimin vs. Lupita in Zeynep Arcay Balmain

Janelle: This is obscene.

Lupita: It’s a crime, really.

Ribbet collage

Janelle in Thom Browne vs. Lupita in Balmain

Janelle: What are we doing in the same part of the bracket?

Lupita: Well… it is your fault, really.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Janelle in Armani Privé vs. Lupita in Armani Privé

Janelle: How is this my fault?

Lupita: You were seeded low, girl!

Ribbet collage

Janelle in Dolce & Gabbana vs. Lupita in Atelier Versace

Janelle: Me?! I WON this shit last year!

Lupita: I remember. You didn’t beat me by that much.

Ribbet collage

Janelle in Christian Siriano vs. Lupita in Ralph & Russo

Janelle: Whatever. Why was I seeded so low? I’m amazing.

Lupita: You’re fine, I suppose. Anyway, you wore like seven things this entire year, and then wore like 5 cool things in the last three weeks, after the brackets were finalized.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Janelle in Christian Siriano vs. Lupita in Prada

Janelle: So I’m getting penalized for having an incredible month on the red carpet?

Lupita: No, you’re getting penalized for having a boring six months on the red carpet before that.

Ribbet collage

Janelle in Ralph & Russo vs. Lupita in Versace

Janelle: BORING? How dare you.

Lupita: Whatever. Step aside – it’s Lupita’s turn.


Ribbet collage

Emma in BreelayneEdun vs. Diane in Givenchy

Emma: Can you believe how goddamn stacked this bracket is?

Diane: It’s alright.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Emma in Kitx vs. Diane in Miu Miu

Emma: Fine, play it cool. I know it’s intimidating.

Diane: What is?

Ribbet collage

Emma in Gabriela Hearst vs. Diane in Frame

Emma: My many, many March Fabness championships.

Diane: Oh, sweetheart. Those days are over.

Ribbet collage

Emma in Miu Miu vs. Diane in Vera Wang

Emma: Like hell they are!

Diane: Is that a two-piece, or did you decide to belt that monstrosity?

Ribbet collage.jpg

Emma in Louis Vuitton vs. Diane in Prada

Emma: You just don’t understand my aesthetic.

Diane: Can you pipe down? You’re interrupting my Prada moment.

Ribbet collage.jpg

Emma in Burberry vs. Diane in Dior

Emma: Are you… are you wearing two chokers?

Diane: So what if I am?

Ribbet collage.jpg

Emma in Ralph Lauren vs. Diane in Prada

Emma: That’s just sad.

Diane: Like your bangs!

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