Met Gala 2018: Basic Bitches and Crucifixes

“Basic Bitches at the Met Gala” has become a time-honored tradition here at Democracy Diva Headquarters. But 2018 blessed us with a Met Gala theme even boring stars could latch onto, with the mere addition of a cross necklace. So let’s dive into some unimaginative attempts at the theme – and no attempts at all!

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2012 Met Costume Institute Gala, Part 1

Whether you think of the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute Gala as the Fashion Industry’s Prom Night (if your idea of prom includes Marc Jacobs wearing a sheer lace dress over boxer shorts) or the Oscars of the East Coast (but the only award you can win is Anna Wintour’s approval of your outfit, and that’s just impossible) or the Gay Superbowl (the attendees included Tom Brady, Tim Tebow, and many gay men, so this might actually be the most accurate description), it’s time to see the most famous names and faces in the industry rocking their fanciest duds for the occasion.

So let the ruthless, judgmental bitchery begin NOW!

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