The Week in Celebrity Fashion: Harry Potter Edition!

Okay, other things are happening on the red carpet besides the Harry Potter premiere, and we’ll get to that, but let’s start with our favorite wizard superstars! (Worry not, Muggles, we’ve got non-magical celebs in this post too.)

Emma Watson in Rafael Lopez at the world premiere of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I in London

The big winner this week is obviously Ms. Hermione Granger herself, who is pulling out all the stops for all the Harry Potter promotional events and premieres. I knew she’d give us something fierce and fabulous, but this bitch looks HOT. I love the sexy little modern flapper dress; it works wonders with her fabulous new pixie cut. And, I know he’s not the foreground in this picture, but can we just talk about how sexy Ron Weasley looks in the poster behind her? Seriously yummy.

Helena Bonham Carter (Bellatrix Lestrange) at the Harry Potter world premiere

As friends of this Diva are well aware, I will be donning my best Bellatrix Lestrange gear when I see the movie next week. But I’m thinking I’d rather just wear this crazy get-up and go as Helena Bonham Carter, who is nearly as fucking nuts as the she-villain she plays. Although, for Ms. Carter, this is downright normal.

Also, I want to meet the people in the Death Eater masks standing behind her. I know they’re fans, but I’m going to pretend that they’re her bodyguards, ready to Crucio the shit out of whoever gets in her way.

Clemence Poesy (Fleur Delacour) at the Harry Potter world premiere

Gorgeous, but seriously matronly. I know Fleur’s getting married in this film, but she’s still playing someone who’s approximately twenty years old. She could go a little more youthful, no?

Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy) at the Harry Potter world premiere

Hello, Draco! You can take me over to the Dark side any time, as long as you keep wearing such fabulous suits. Matching your tie to your baby blue eyes was a stroke of pure genius, almost as brilliant as fixing that Vanishing Cabinet in the Room of Requirement so you could sneak the Death Eaters into Hogwarts. (Seriously, it was a good plan.)

James and Oliver Phelps (Fred and George Weasley) at the Harry Potter world premiere

I love American boys as much as the next girl, but goddamit, nobody can wear a suit like British boys. Here are the Weasley twins, barely recognizable without their red hair, rocking some serious digs. I love that these men and Mr. Malfoy are not afraid to incorporate color, texture, and a sexy vest into their attire.

Matthew Lewis (Neville Longbottom) at the Harry Potter world premiere

I just needed to point out to the world that THIS IS WHAT NEVILLE LONGBOTTOM LOOKS LIKE NOW. Holy shit, that boy has grown up deliciously well. I’d let him use his Gryffindor sword on my Horcrux any day, if you know what I mean.

Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, J.K. Rowling and Rupert Grint at the Harry Potter world premiere

Do you think J.K. Rowling and Emma Watson intentionally coordinated their outfits? I hope so. I can’t remember Queen Rowling ever looking so beautiful. And the boys look handsome as ever, but I don’t think they look quite as dapper as Draco and the Weasleys. (That’d be a good band name, no?)

Okay, enough wizardry. Who else strutted the red carpet this week?

Carrie Underwood in Talbot Runhof at the CMAs

I know that I should hate this, and in a normal context I probably would, but my fashion expectations for the CMAs are considerably lower than for most red carpet events. So I’m going to give Carrie a pat on the back for attempting something that’s not white, Grecian, or sparkly. At least she gave us a little intrigue.

Lea Michele at TV Guide’s 2010 Hot List party in Hollywood

Cute dress, but not earth-shattering. It’s refreshing to see her fully clothed and not fellating a lollipop, though.

Miley Cyrus in D&G at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Maybe this saloon whore gown would have been appropriate for the CMAs, but I don’t think Europe is quite ready for this level of American trash.

Blake Lively at the Realm Boutique opening in New York

Dear Blake:

That’s not how belts work.


The Democracy Diva

P.S. If I can see your shirt peeking out under your skirt, you need to rethink your outfit.

Lauren Conrad in Christian Louboutin sandals

Delicious. Perfect starlet street wear. Easy-going, breezy-chic dress, great accessories, a gorgeous smile, and killer shoes.

Dakota Fanning in Valentino haute couture at the BAFTA Britannia Awards

Oy. Dakota can usually be counted on for something tiny, shiny, lacy, and fierce, but this is a colorless, shapeless mess. She looks like a sad child bride.

Ed Westwick and Georgia Jagger at the London Emerging Designers Party in New York

Yes, that’s Chuck Bass, posing with Mick Jagger’s daughter. It’s good to be young, hot, and British, even for Muggles. And let’s give it up for Ms. Jagger for inheriting badass style and a fabulous pair of lips from her dear old dad. Loving that little red dress.

Eva Longoria Parker in Georges Hobeika at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Terrible. The sleeves, the shoulders, the length, the proportions, the fakest tan since my Halloween Snooki spray tan. It can’t get worse than this…

Eva Longoria Parker in Georges Hobeika at the MTV Europe Music Awards

Looks like I was wrong. Because SHE’S WEARING A GIANT DIAPER PANTY. This isn’t a dress, it’s a vest with tails over granny panties! WHO ALLOWED THIS?

Eva Longoria Parker in Emilio Pucci at the MTV Europe Awards

Oh, good lord. This is the most tranny flamenco dancer garment I’ve seen since Project Runway‘s Casanova. I’m getting convinced that this is just a drag version of Eva Longoria.

Tina Fey accepting the Mark Twain Prize for Humor in Washington, DC

Tina Fey was in my neighborhood this week, being honored with a prize for comedy at the Kennedy Center. And for the second week in a row, this funny bitch rocked the red carpet in a fierce little getup, showing surprising trendiness, a glamorous hairdo, and an old Hollywood glamour.

Rihanna at a holiday event in London

Oh, Rihanna. Always looking terrible, but never hitting rock bottom. Can someone please explain to me what that bulge is around her waist? Did she try to make a fannypack out of papier-mache?

Anne Hathaway in Antonio Berardi at the Love & Other Drugs premiere

Literally perfect from head to toe. Even this Diva Bitch can’t find something negative to say. Keep it up, Annie!

Heidi Klum in Mondo Guerra at AFI FEST 2010’s closing night gala

Finally, the “fuck you” to the Project Runway Gretchen-lovers that we’ve all been waiting for. Dedicated readers will recognize this dress as one of the finale looks from fan favorite Mondo Guerra. You might also remember fellow judge Nina Garcia mocking our dear Heidi with a snappy, “I’d like to see you wear that dress,” referring to a long-sleeved twin of this dress. And of course, not one to be sassed, Queen Heidi wore this dress – and rocked it. It’s nice to know someone associated with that show still has some style – besides the omnipotent Tim Gunn, of course.

© Democracy Diva, 2010.

The Week(s) in Celebrity Fashion: Halloween Edition!

The eve of bitchery is upon us! This Diva is bringing you all the hottest fashion on the red carpet and the big screen, with just a bit of Halloween flavor. I know it’s been well over a week since the last so-called weekly fashion recap, but I’m a busy little future lawyer, so forgive me, dear readers, and enjoy a LOT of fabulous.

Tina Fey in Andy & Debb at the Megamind premiere

Hello, Liz Lemon! The straight hair is a bit severe for Tina’s features, but the dress is pretty fierce and flatters her figure beautifully. Love the dramatic cocktail ring, but I wouldn’t have chosen black tights.

Left:Fleur's wedding gown in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I. Right: Alexander McQueen Fall 2008

What’s the biggest drama bringing together the worlds of couture and magic? As my fellow nerds are well aware, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Part I premieres this month (omfg so excited). So what’s the controversy? There’s Gossip Girl‘s Clemence Poesy in the role that made her not famous, Fleur Delacour, marrying Bill Weasley (the eldest son of our favorite magical red-headed family) in a dress that looks uncannily similar to an Alexander McQueen gown from Fall 2008. Does Team Potter owe an explanation to Team McQueen? I love the idea of a hot witch in high fashion, but Fleur Delacour-Weasley definitely did not get that gown from Madam Malkin’s Robes shop. (Oh, yeah. I know the name of the robes shop in Diagon Alley.)

Jennifer Lopez in Zuhair Murad at the Carousel of Hope Gala

She wore this to a gala? Perhaps if it were ten years ago and she was running around a stage lip-synching “Waiting for Tonight,” this would be an appropriate costume, but you can’t expect me to believe she wore this as a dress. As eveningwear, no less. Johnny Weir called; he wants his queertastic skating outfit back.

Yes, Selena Gomez, I’m talking to you as well:

Selena Gomez performing at a Las Vegas benefit

Who are you, Katy Perry at a Christmas party? But at least she has the Vegas excuse, where anything goes. She looks downright demure next to some of the get-ups you find in those parts.

Mila Kunis in Monique Lhuillier at the 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala

Simple and fierce; proof that minimalism can be more fabulous than all the accessories in the world.

Carey Mulligan in Giles at the 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala

And then, a reminder of how ugly minimalism can be. I don’t know what’s worse: the hair, the makeup, the choice of accessories, or the sad, droopy draping on that dress. This looks like Gretchen Jones and Michael Costello teamed up for an eveningwear challenge, and that’s about as big an insult as I can think of.

But Carey mostly made up for it with this look…

Carey Mulligan in Preen at the BAFTA Los Angeles 2010 Britannia Awards

But lord, do I hate those shoes. They look like the shoes Drew Barrymore wore to like, ten different events in two weeks, just in a way tackier color. However, the hair has seriously improved. Tom & Lorenzo have blogged about this very problem, in which cute starlets get adorable pixie cuts that look perfect until they start to grow out. And then we all have to endure months of their hair looking like shit. But some extra-hold gel took care of that, and the dress is gorgeous.

Snooki, Queen of the Pickles

No words. Just amazing.

Leighton Meester in Elie Saab at the 14th Annual Hollywood Awards Gala

Leighton should know by now that when it comes to hair and makeup, less is more. I think she’s always more beautiful when she doesn’t let the makeup artist go so heavy-handed. I also want to slap the moron who approved those shoes with that dress, and this is also ice skating costume territory (seriously, starlets, what’s going on with that?). But at a minimum, I love the top half of the dress.

What else does Leighton have to say?

Leighton Meester in Giambattista Valli at FGI's Annual Night of Stars

BOOM. Fabulous. I remember this Spring 2011 dress well; I had it in my original Red Carpet Predictions post, but couldn’t find the starlet to pair it to. Ms. Meester is rocking this adorable little color-blocked cocktail dress, although the fit around the bust is a little odd. The accessories are simple and chic, and the hair and makeup is still dramatic, but more natural and youthful.

Janet Jackson at the New York City premiere of For Colored Girls

I’m sorry, Ms. Jackson. Are you for real?

Eva Mendes in Gucci at the Rome Film Festival

Boring, but beautiful. It could use a better hemline, though.

Tara Reid as Train Wreck Barbie?

This was Tara Reid’s Halloween costume, though I’m not sure how we’re supposed to differentiate it from Tara Reid on a Tuesday.

Padma Lakshmi in New York

On the Finale: Part I of Project Runway Season 8, Heidi criticized Gretchen for a dress with this same strange design element in back, arguing that no woman would wear it. I don’t usually come to Gretchen’s defense, but this is proof that someone wears that. Boom. Lawyered.

Kate Mara at the Beverly Hills premiere of 127 Hours

It took me days of staring at this picture to figure out why this girl looked so familiar: she played Heath Ledger’s daughter in Brokeback Mountain. Apparently she’s in 127 Hours, which a movie I can’t wait to see even though I’ll probably vomit during it. Anyway, she officially has the right to exist according to this Diva, because this little dress is too cute. The necklace is fierce, the Louboutins are fab, and she’s a gorgeous woman. Keep it up, newbie.

And across the country, but at the same film premiere:

Jennifer Missoni at the New York premiere of 127 Hours

She’s related to, though not the creator of, the Missoni brand, she’s model-gorgeous, and this dress is funky and adorable.

Rosario Dawson in Stella McCartney at the Los Angeles premiere of Unstoppable

Ooof, Rosario. That hem? Seriously? And that color? And that shoulder? And those shoes? I can’t handle any of it. Please redeem yourself as soon as possible.

Rosario Dawson in Christian Siriano at the BAFTA Los Angeles 2010 Britannia Awards

Well, she reedemed herself. It’s not perfect, but it’s further proof of the beauty of simplicity. Love the accessories.

Christian Siriano as the Feather Duster from Beauty and the Beast at Heidi Klum's 11th annual Halloween party

Yes, that is Christian Siriano. As that slutty French feather dusty from Beauty and the Beast. One of the best Halloween costumes I’ve ever seen.

Christina Ricci in Marchesa at the 26th annual Artios Awards

I blogged about this dress during Fall 2010 Fashion Week, but I’m not sure I love it as much in the real world as I did on the runway. I think the black tights are too much; they bring it down into a young ballerina place. But otherwise, she looks pretty damn beautiful.

Reese Witherspoon in Jason Wu at the Avon Foundation for Women Gala

Fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Definitely one of my favorite random red carpet looks of the past few months.

Michelle Monaghan in Versace at the Due Date premiere

Simple and sexy as hell. The nude shoe trend on the red carpet might be played out by now, but I absolutely adore the way the shoes match her skin tone – except for the Louboutin red stiletto, which matches the dress. Dramatic, statement-making, but minimalist. I love it.

And in case you were curious, the Project Runway finale poll results were even more pro-Mondo than I anticipated:

An astonishing 96% of you wanted Mondo for the win. Let’s just forget this season ever happened, dear readers.

© Democracy Diva, 2010.

The Week in Celebrity Fashion

The Busiest Divas in the Business




Salma Hayek at the Alexander McQueen Spring 2011 show in Paris


It looks better sitting than standing, possibly because the top is more beautiful than the bottom, or possibly because Ms. Hayek looks a bit more of a hot mess in the last picture. But definitely a dress worthy of the front row at Paris Fashion Week.


Salma Hayek at the Yves Saint Laurent Spring 2011 show in Paris


… and then, there’s this. Is she kidding with those pants? How am I supposed to take them seriously? I don’t care how hot you are, you’re not going to be able to pull off giant baggy red-and-black color-blocked pants.


Keira Knightley at the Chanel Spring 2011 show in Paris


Someone got a fierce new haircut! Definitely loving the bob, and she’s decked out perfectly for the Chanel show, complete with the signature purse and stunning shoes.


Kiera Knightley in Rodarte at the London Film Festival


Not as impressive as the Chanel getup, and I’m not sure how these two pieces go together, but I like seeing the new bob done wavy. The blouse is nice enough, but the skirt is a little tacky. Again, though, I approve of the shoes.


Keira Knightley in Chanel at the London premiere of Never Let Go



Keira Knightley in Chanel at the London premiere of Never Let Go


I remember drooling over this dress months ago, but I never knew what the back of it looked like until I saw this photo. As if I weren’t already obsessed with this dress, the back is simply spectacular. But can Keira actually smile? Her lips are pursed like she just swallowed a lemon in every single picture. Honey, you’re thin as a rail, your haircut is fierce, you’re rich, and you’re wearing Chanel. Smile.


Carey Mulligan in Proenza Schouler at the London Film Festival


Cute dress, but that hair is the reason pixie cuts are generally a mistake. Because in the interim period between the pixie and when it’s fully grown out, your hair nearly always looks stupid.


Carey Mulligan in Vionnet at the London premiere of Never Let Go


Oof. Even worse hair, and a far worse dress. And this bitch won’t smile either? What is wrong with these ladies?


Courtney Love at the Chanel Spring 2011 show in Paris



Courtney Love at the Chanel Spring 2011 show


Wow. I never thought I’d say this, but Courtney Love actually looks… classy. Seriously. The dress is mature but still gorgeous, the coat is ridiculously gorgeous, she’s wearing pearls, and the bitch even styled her hair and makeup like a normal person! What is happening to the world when Courtney friggin’ Love looks this good?


Courtney Love at the Givenchy after-party in Paris


Oh, there we go. That’s much better. This is the Courtney we know and Love (pun intended) – Courtney, the hottest mess on the red carpet.


Alexa Chung at the Miu Miu Spring 2011 show in Paris


Cute, but perhaps a little too conservative. I know Mormon chic is a thing, but this looks far too covered up. But the shoes are killer.


Alexa Chung at the Chanel Spring 2011 show


It looks way cuter on Alexa than it did on Blake Lively in July – further proof that skin-tight dresses don’t necessarily look better than dresses that actually fit. Ms. Chung is absolutely nailing this adorable little dress.


Sienna Miller in Twenty8Twelve at the Dinard British Film Festival in France


I usually try to forget Sienna Miller is a person, but I must admit she looks mighty fierce here. Good hair, good makeup, a killer skirt, and a sweet blazer. It’s all simple but totally chic, and it reminds me that Ms. Miller can dress like a classy-sassy broad.


Sienna Miller in Matthew Williamson at a book launch in London


And then I see this dress, which screams “I was that drunk topless biddie fucking someone else’s husband on a boat!”


Nicole Richie promoting her fashion lines in Calgary, Canada


Oh, good lord. This is what you’re wearing to promote yourself as a fashion designer? The world’s largest pants, a weird scarf attached to a shirt, an ill-fitting vest, and the ugliest hat you could find? I mean, I know you’re in Canada, so the rules are different there, but this is an internationally recognized hot disaster.


Nicole Richie at a book signing in Los Angeles


Adorable. I wish she dressed like this more often instead of always wearing over-sized, over-flowing hippie dresses. She looks so adorable in things that are a little more structured and have more texture to them. I’d wear this fab little sweaterdress every day.

Fashion Dos and Don’ts


Clemence Poesy at the Chanel Spring 2011 show in Paris


Oh hey, Fleur Delacour! You’re looking mighty fierce. The darker hair is working for you and the outfit, like all good French fashion, is minimalist but incredibly fabulous. I hope you’re also planning on donning Chanel at your upcoming wedding to Bill Weasley. Even the Death Eaters would have to stop killing bitches long enough to say “Dayummm, girl! You lookin’ fiiiine!”


Lin Chi-ling at the Louis Vuitton Spring 2011 show in Paris


I don’t know who this woman is, but I do know that I already blogged about how awful this dress is when Katie Holmes wore it last week. And it doesn’t look any better on this biddie than it did on Joey Potter.


Dita Von Teese en route to the Elie Saab Spring 2011 show in Paris


Well, this is perfect. I’d expect nothing less than classy glamour from Dita, but she is really nailing this dress. Love the black-on-black detailing, the sleeves,  the neckline, the shoes, the sunglasses – it’s all coming together beautifully.



I honestly did not believe that this was Marion Cotillard when I saw this picture. To me, she’s one of those women who epitomizes simple elegance, and this look is anything but. The hair and makeup are trashy and tacky as can be, the dress is horrible, and WHAT IS HAPPENING WITH HER BREASTS? Why hasn’t Hollywood learned that two beach balls stapled to your chest don’t actually look good? What a disappointment.


Michelle Williams at the London premiere of Blue Valentine


See, the problem with white-blonde hair is that sometimes, it just looks white. And when you pair that with a matronly dress and makeup that ages you, you can end up looking approximately 85 years old. But the shoes are awesome – are they half leopard print, half zebra print? Because that is absolutely killer.


Abigail Breslin at a screening of Conviction in New York City


Dakota Fanning, you’re not the only fabulous child prodigy on the block! Little Miss Sunshine is looking pretty fierce with her gorgeous auburn hair, brown-and-black striped dress, and fab accessories. I’m looking forward to seeing more like this from Ms. Breslin.


Sarah Jessica Parker in Halston Heritage at the Empire State Pride Agenda Fall Dinner


SJP is a new exec at Halston, so don’t expect her to be wearing anything else on the red carpet this year. But this is still pretty darn chic. It’s Carrie Bradshaw-level fabulosity, and those stockings are to die for. Love the hair, and she looks younger than she has in recent years. Keep it up, Sarah Jessica!

You be the Diva! Who’s in and who’s out?

© Democracy Diva, 2010.

The Week in Fashion

It’s New York Fashion Week! And although I’m not blogging about the collections quite yet, there’s still a lot of fabulous happening on the red carpet, in the front rows of the fashion shows, and in the magazines this week. So let’s get started!

Editorials: Divas in the News

Lea Michele in Magaschoni top & Michael Kors leggings for Glamour

I am fully in love with this picture. Glamour should have chosen it for the cover, but of course they went with one where she’s not wearing pants. Sigh. Regardless, there’s something so fabulously A Chorus Line about this outfit. Totally what you’d expect a Broadway star to be lounging around in on her day off. And the bangs, the eyes, the lips – she’s looking totally gorgeous.

Marc Jacobs and Lady Gaga in Louis Vuitton for V Magazine

Lady Gaga as the Statue of Liberty, half naked, in front of a shopping cart, with Marc Jacobs sitting on a television next to her. I can’t say I get it, but I certainly like it.

Lady Gaga for Vogue Hommes Japan

I am loving this cover. Perfect pose, perfect make-up, fabulous nails, and her smokin’ body is covered in raw meat. Gaga knows how to get people to pay attention, and this is a perfect example of that quality. And if anybody can rock a raw meat ensemble, it’s Lady Gaga. She makes it look like fashion.

The Venice Film Festival

Natalie Portman in custom Rodarte

I don’t like the hair and I probably wouldn’t have chosen white shoes, but everything else about this look is simply gorgeous. The dress is sexy as hell but not revealing; it feels like classic red carpet Hollywood but has all sorts of tricks and complexities to it. The straps and shoulders and the bodice are just stunning, and as usual, Natalie looks like an Israeli goddess.

Jessica Alba in Valentino

Why, Jessica? Why is your skirt so much longer in the back than in the front? Is this a white trash themed costume party and your dress is a coy reference to the mullet? There is just nothing attractive about a mullet skirt, honey.

Michelle Williams in Jason Wu

That right-to-the-elbow sleeve length keeps popping up and I’m fully obsessed with it. And although this is a blah color, Michelle is absolutely rocking this. I’m a little over the neck bow trend – Kate Beckinsale and Carey Mulligan wore them all over Cannes – but I still think this is just precious and classy and it still maintains Michelle’s hipster-chic aesthetic.

Michelle Williams

Perfection. I’d wear that dress in a heartbeat, and those shoes are killer. She could not be cuter.

Clemence Poesy in Louis Vuitton

Parisian chic at its best, our very own Fleur Delacour is rocking a look that always looks better on French girls. A silk shirt with a giant bow tucked into a blue skirt, plus sex hair and barely-there makeup? Simply beautiful.

Fashion Elite at New York Fashion Week

Diane Kruger in Chanel at the Chanel Boutique opening party

Oy. Well, at least the shoes are cute. The rest is just too much. Sloppy hair and all that fabric? Plus a belt over it? She looks like she’s in a slutty chicken suit.

Blake Lively in Chanel at the Chanel Boutique opening party

I’m pretty sure I’ve never before seen Blake in an outfit that didn’t expose her boobs and/or legs. So I respect the attempt to cover up, and the Mary Jane shoes are awesome, but this dress is beyond tacky. And blow dry your fucking hair before you go to a Chanel fashion week party. Show some respect.

Blake Lively in Marchesa at Fashion’s Night Out: The Show

Okay, you win. I’m obsessed with this. Showing a lot of leg and a bit of boob, like Lively always should. That print is beyond gorgeous, the bracelets are kickass, the shoes are fierce, and I like the makeup. I think she’s always absurdly lazy about her hair, which is why she’s rocking a pony, but at least it works.

Leighton Meester in Versus at Fashion’s Night Out: The Show

Well, this is fugly. Like, so fugly I wouldn’t even wear it as a Halloween costume. It’s glorified underwear, and worse than that, it just looks cheap and tacky. If you want to go out on the town half-naked, so be it, but your outfit still has to be chic and fabulous, and this is NOT.

Maggie Grace in Christian Siriano at his Spring 2011 fashion show

Another epic print and adorable silhouette by the lovely and talented Christian Siriano. (Although the blogosphere is saying his collection this week was underwhelming… but we’ll get to that in a few posts.) I love this dress because it’s effortless – it does all the work for Maggie. Just throw on heels and eyeliner and you’re ready to go.

Miscellaneous Fabulous and Fugly


Hello, teeny little waist! America Ferrera looks completely amazing in this dress. I’m obsessed with the sleeves and collar, the skinny belt is perfect, the length is super-flattering, and the accessories are simple and perfect. I think every professional woman should have this dress hanging in their closet.

Jessica Simpson in a design from her own denim collection

Jessica is modeling her own design, so there is no one to blame for this atrocity except for Jessica herself. I am getting physically ill at the sight of that cheap denim with the tacky gold zippers and buttons. This is denim at its worst.


Katrina Bowden in Theia

It’s pretty easy to always look great when you’re blonde and blue-eyed and approximately eleven pounds, like 30 Rock‘s Cerie. But Katrina keeps cropping up on best-dressed lists, and this dress proves she deserves it. Another adorable and unique print, which is always nice to see. She could use a necklace, bracelet, or purse – just something to make her look less naked. But this is a fabulous little number.

Kim Kardashian

Dear Kim:

What, what, what are you doing? Look at those leggings. Look at your choices.


The Democracy Diva

Lea Michele in Erdem

I’ve blogged about dresses nearly identical to this twice so far – Chloe Sevigny rocked one at the Met Gala, and Eva Mendes wore it in July 2010. So I’m a little bit over this, but I still think a long-sleeved cocktail dress is a wonderful thing. And even though it’s overdone, the color and print are beautiful. But can we please talk about Lea’s hair? This better be for Glee, because if Lea is actually choosing to wear those horribly distracting highlights/extensions, this may be the end of my love affair with her. (Just kidding. I’ll always love you, Lea.)

I’m working on your fashion week posts as we speak! Stay up-to-date by following me on twitter @democracydiva!

Midsummer Red Carpet Recap

Forgive me, poodles. I just moved to a new place and just got internet today, so this Diva has not had much time for blogging. But it’s Fashion Week in gay Par-ee, so we’ve got some red carpet looks to catch up on before we hit the big time. Let’s dive in.

Repeat Winner: Prodigy Edition

Dakota Fanning in Elie Saab

Head-to-toe perfection, as per usual. I particularly love the natural makeup; too many young starlets, even if they dress well, tend to age themselves ten years with heavy makeup, but this styling lets Dakota’s youth and beauty shine. The dress is obviously to die for, but I think we need a close-up on those shoes:

Dakota Fanning in Christian Louboutin shoes

Those sexy studded shoes just jumped to the top of my MUST HAVE list. (By “must have,” I of course mean “could not dream of affording.”) This outfit is the textbook definition of gritty-meets-pretty – the girl’s hair, skin, and dress are practically glowing with angelic beauty, but she throws on her studded Loubs and suddenly it’s a whole different ball game. (That’s the first and last sports reference you’ll find on this blog, kittens.)

Fugly Beyond Her Years

Annalynne McCord in Nicole Miller

I’d like you all to guess how old this woman is. If I was in a bad mood, I’d probably guess 45; at my most forgiving, I’d say mid-thirties.

SHE’S TWENTY-TWO. This bitch is MY age and already looks like she’s been chasing her pack-a-day habit with a bottle of gin every night for twenty years. Let’s forget the fact that she broke one of the most important Diva Commandments: Thou shalt wear your actual dress size, not the dress size you aim to be. Other bloggers and fashion experts have wisely said, “Wear a size bigger, and you’ll look a size smaller.” Certainly, this unforgivingly tight dress supports that claim. If only it supported McCord’s breasts.

Fun fact: I wikipedia-ed McCord (to find out her age), and my boyfriend Nate looked at her picture and said, “That looks like Carrot Top.” I rest my case.

Best Nobody

Clemence Poesy in vintage Chanel

InStyle informs me that Clemence Poesy, who has probably the worst stage name I’ve ever heard, is one of the new stars of Gossip Girl. I stopped watching that show when the guy from Next to Normal left the girl from The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants for dead in a car crash. (I know their names, it’s just way more fun to refer to them that way.) Anyway, she needs her roots touched up, and I’m not sure her face is quite beautiful enough to be going for that fresh-faced, natural thing that Dakota Fanning nailed above, but this dress is amazing. It’s not exactly hard to wear a perfect, simple vintage Chanel dress, but she kept things neat and simple with the accessories, and I respect her for that. Even if she has a dumbass name.

[Diva’s Note: It just came to my attention (thanks, Thu) that this girl actually played Fleur in the Harry Potter movies! Something I totally should have known, but what can I do, kittens? But the point is, maybe it’s not a dumbass name – it’s really just that she’s French, and has a French name, and I’m an idiot.]

First Lady Fashion

Michelle Obama in Azzedine Alaïa

Too bad for the Canadian Prime Minister and his wife – they’d look pretty cute, if they weren’t standing next to such a fabulous looking couple. Sorry, Canada, but you lose even in this photo, as it is clear that Americans have infinitely better fashion sense. Our First Lady looks truly amazing here – we all know it’s not easy to wear a white dress outside your wedding day, but Michelle not only nails it, but pairs it with great shoes, a fabulous bracelet, and her most flattering hairstyle to date. Not to mention that her arms, legs, and yes, FLOTUS cleavage look simply spectacular.

Repeat Offender

Jada Pinkett Smith

Well. Everything about this is terrible. Actually, to be fair, that tuxedo jacket would be fierce with a t-shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, but this… this is worse than Jada’s Tony awards mishap. I just don’t really understand what’s happening on top of her head, but I know it’s giving me a migraine.

Risks That Pay Off

Claire Danes in Zac Posen

Kudos to Claire Danes – this is definitely not a dress that the average woman, or even the average Hollywood woman, can pull off. But I think she’s absolutely glowing in this fabulous Zac Posen mixed print. It could have come off as costumey or even clownish, but Claire nails it, proving that a great smile makes every outfit even more fabulous.

Underage Stripper of the Week

Taylor Momsen

The photo on the left, though it should disturb me, unfortunately is not a surprise. It’s downright tame for Momsen, and actually would make a pretty fantastic Rocky Horror costume.

But the shoes, my friends. The shoes. Clear platform shoes. With actually dollar bills in them. AND THE SHOES SAY “TIPS” ON THEM. I mean, the girl is sixteen – shouldn’t that be illegal?

Best and Worst: Most Surprising Makeovers

Kristen Stewart in Herve Leger by Max Azria

I never dreamed I would say this, but K-Stew looks pretty fucking awesome right now. The new hair color is doing wonders for her. Usually when someone dyes their hair an entirely new color, it looks completely unnatural, but this feels so much more natural than her nearly-black hair did. The highlights frame her face beautifully, and I think the short hair is working for her as well. Not to mention the fact that she’s wearing a killer dress and fabulous heels (Brian Atwood shoes, to be exact). For once, her pale skin looks like beautiful porcelain instead of deathly ill. And those legs? Goodbye, knobbly knees; hello, supermodel. (Well, not quite. But in the immortal words of Whitney Fetterhoff, she’s got one hell of a set of getaway sticks.) And although she’s not smiling in this picture, she also doesn’t look like she wants to kill anyone, and has clearly been making an effort to not look so fucking miserable lately. I don’t know if the Eclipse producers picked a hot new stylist for her to drum up even more press about the film, but big hugs to whoever made this look happen. Let’s hope it stays.

Heidi Klum

Again, something I thought I’d never say: Heidi Klum isn’t looking so great, guys. Her new haircut fully sucks. It’s like if a scissor-happy kindergartener went to town on Anna Wintour’s bob. I guess the choppiness of it is a look, but it just looks sloppy, not chic. And it ages her about a decade – as does the skirt, which could be worn during Klum’s gynecologist appointment, as it provides such easy access. Heidi is a gorgeous woman with killer legs, but a slit that high does favors to absolutely no one.

Best Street Fashion: Diva’s Pick

Drew Barrymore

Recently, someone asked me what I’d wear every day if I could wear anything. I told them it was cocktail dresses with sneakers, but clearly I was wrong. Because this, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what I would wear to walk around the city. A vintage sundress, hipster sunglasses, my signature messy bun, and the perfect pair of heels. I’ve never seen such effortless fashion before – I actually can’t stop looking at this picture. I think the lipstick matching the shoes is what really seals the deal for me. Never-ending kudos to Drew for wearing this casually around the West Village. I envy you.

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