The Week in Celebrity Fashion: Anglophilia Edition!

Bringing you the week’s fabbest and fugliest in celebrity fashion, including all the Brits and Anglophiles in the front rows at London Fashion Week, plus the hottest pre-Oscar red carpet events.

Halle Berry in Elie Saab

Undisputed winner for Best Dressed of the Week. I’d like to see Halle do something different with her hair for the first time in years, but it’s a small issue in a near-perfect look. I think a dress like this screams for a diamond necklace, so I’m not sure why Halle went bare-necked, but this gown is absolutely stunning and Halle’s nailing it.

Demi Moore in Vivienne Westwood

It’s a little crinkly, but it’s Vivienne Westwood, which means Demi’s dress didn’t just wrinkle in the limo on the way to this event – it’s actually supposed to look like that. Hate the hair and the black toenail polish, but Demi still looks so damn good it’s frightening.

Amy Adams

KILLING IT. The dress isn’t even that interesting and she’s still killing it. Expertly styled, perfect hair and makeup, porcelain skin and a fabulous color dress – and this was just the beginning of Amy’s week of gunning for that Oscar.

Amy Adams in Roland Mouret

We’re all sick of little nude dresses at this point, but at least she didn’t pair it with a nude shoe, like most starlets do. And this dress actually does have some interest – the way it wraps around her shoulder is quite beautiful. She’s a tad under-accessorized, but again, with mermaid hair like that, who needs anything else?

Amy Adams in Carolina Herrera

I’m obsessed. Sexy and sweet, with a great mix of funky and girly, and perfectly styled to boot.

Prince William and Kate Middleton

Head-to-toe, exactly what I would wear if I were a princess-to-be. The suit is gorgeous, very conservative but in such a chic color. The boots and tights keep the look more young and modern, and the black-and-red gloves? A stroke of genius.

Diane Kruger in Vionnet

This girl can pose like nobody’s business, but I think she stole this from Natalie Portman’s maternity closet.

Diane Kruger in Chanel

And this too! I’m actually liking the silky-draped, jewel-adorned modern-Grecian red carpet dresses, but I don’t want this to be the next red carpet trend. Right now, you can’t swing a stick on the red carpet without knocking out a ninety pound drunk bitch in a little nude dress with nude pumps. Let’s not go there with bejeweled Grecian gowns.

Mila Kunis in Valentino

God, this bitch just wears the same thing over and over again, but she looks so good, I can’t even really complain. The color and shape of that dress are just so darn cute. But she, too, could use a necklace.

Natalie Portman in H&M

Meh. This dress could be cute, but it’s a little too bed-sheety. The shoes are tacky and I don’t like the bracelets. But she’s glowing and fabulous and reminding everyone of how sweet and pregnant is so they’ll recognize how transformative her Black Swan performance was and give her an Oscar.

Anne Hathaway in Christian Dior

Cute. Love the nerd glasses, but she actually doesn’t pull them off as well as I’d have hoped. The textured stockings are perfect. I can’t wait to see her and James Franco at the Oscars.

Elizabeth Banks in Versace

Sexy modern dress, funky adorable purse, and the world’s tackiest shoes. Seriously, I love me some Elizabeth Banks, but they’re teal with flowers. That’s a no.

Gillian Jacobs in Versus Spring 2011

Fabulous! What a surprisingly stylish move from a budding star. I like her on Community (though not nearly as much as Alison Brie), but I never noticed how much she looks like the poor woman’s Elizabeth Banks now.

Brooklyn Decker in Dolce & Gabbana

This is a crazy hot model in a Betty Draper dress and phenomenal shoes. What could be wrong?

Also, it’s official: braids are in.

Milla Jovovich in Tom Ford

LOVE a woman in a kickass pantsuit. Love a woman in a Tom Ford suit even more. Hate the purse, though.

Hailee Steinfeld in Tommy Hilfiger

I spy the world’s best-dressed tween, rocking her trendy braid, LWD (little white dresses are the new little nude dresses which were the new little black dresses), and sparkly shoes. Adorbs.

Hailee Steinfeld in Valentino

And here’s why Hailee Steinfeld is my new icon. This dress is phenomenal. The Mary Janes are perfect. The makeup is too heavy for a girl so young, but I can forgive that on a well-dressed, bright-eyed girl who always smiles like she actually has a soul, unlike her peers.

Jayma Mays

Too many glittery accessories with a tacky, glittery dress. And she looks even more doe-eyed than usual – this is straight-up deer in the headlights.

Claire Danes in Lanvin

Not obsessed with the dress or the belt. Don’t like the bracelet or shoes. And that hair has got to be a JOKE. Claire Danes, you are better than this.

Claire Danes

And you are CERTAINLY better than this.

Kristin Davis in Oscar de la Renta

Gorgeous. Charlotte York Goldenblatt forever.

Rihanna in Christian Dior Fall 2010 couture

The Dior she wore to the Grammys was better, and the matchy-matchy shoes were clearly a terrible choice. It’s hard to wear these couture gowns in real life, because they’re not really meant to look good for longer than a 30-second walk down a runway. And when they look sat-on, it never has quite the same effect. I applaud the choice, though. (And I’ll fill y’all in on the Christian Dior/John Galliano drama later.)


The dress walks a fine line between ridiculous and gorgeous. I think I’d like it better if there weren’t a red rose smack dab on the middle of her boob, like a perverted clown nose.

Isla Fisher in Dolce & Gabbana

Where has Mrs. Sacha Baron Cohen been hiding? Fabulous dress, darling. Love the blazer as well. Try a bit of jewelry and you might just gain my approval.

Sarah Hyland in WTB

Merp. This is a little bit of a hippie-dippie-disaster. This girl needs to take some advice from Hailee Steinfeld on dressing youthful yet chic. And this flowery-tye-dye print? Frat houses have tapestries with nicer prints than this.

Cobie Smulders

Looking good, Robin Scherbatsky! Everyone knows that in Manhattan, all you need is a peacoat, skinny jeans, and heels.

Debra Messing in Michael Kors

Could this photo be more morose? The dress is cut fine, but that color washes her out so terribly. All the accessories are awful, and that hair? Who on earth would do that to Debra Messing’s amazing hair?

Ginnifer Goodwin in Christian Dior

Let’s be honest. This girl looks like an idiot no matter what she puts on. It’s that god awful hair. Just go off with your sister-wives and take your overly drawn-in eyebrows with you.

Catherine Zeta-Jones in Michael Kors

If I were chillaxing with Prince Charles, as CZT was at this event, you can bet your ass I’d be wearing that glorious hat. Seriously, that thing is amazing. Gorgeous suit, too.

Michelle Williams in Louis Vuitton

Michelle Williams has discovered that her love of bows transcends to any outfit, even if she just tapes a bow tie to a low-cut prom dress. (Actually, this dress is cute, and the color is phenomenal, but it’s boring and wrinkled and she should have gone a size bigger.)

Darren Criss

The tie is way too skinny and the shoes I take as a personal insult. It’s not always time for kitsch, Darren. Grow up and put on a real pair of shoes. You’re not Justin Bieber. You have to play by the rules.

Front Row at London Fashion Week

Rachel Bilson at the Burberry Prorsum show

My dream girl, in her usual outfit of lots of diverse items that have nothing to do with each other that somehow look expertly put together. That coat is ridiculous but amazing. The dress is so subtly sexy – the slit, the keyhole – and that purse is random but terrific.

Kate Bosworth at the Burberry Prorsum show

That peroxide-blonde hair is really not working, particularly with her skin color and the nude color of this trench. And the shoes make everything worse – it’s like every part of her body is a different shade of grey. And I’m over studs on the red carpet. Next trend, please.

Christopher Bailey and Anna Wintour at the Burberry Prorsum show

The woman who strikes fear into the hearts of designers, stylists, and fashion magazine interns everywhere, in the perfect coat.

Alexa Chung at the Burberry Prorsum show

A little too casual for the Burberry runway show, in my opinion. I think different shoes would have worked better. But I love that purse.

Alexa Chung at the Matthew Williamson show

Brush your hair before you come to a fashion show.

Alexa Chung at the Christopher Kane show

Totally adorable in that look-how-twee-I-am, Carey Mulligan-meets-Michelle Williams sort of way.

Tilda Swinton at the Pringle of Scotland show

Fierce coat, Tildz.

Clemence Poesy at the Mulberry show

The hair is downright embarrassing, but the dress is gorgeous and I dig the styling.

Clemence Poesy at the Mulberry after-party

Boring. She and Dianna Agron must share a wardrobe.

Kirsten Dunst at the Mulberry show

Seriously, ladies. Can’t we do better than a T-shirt and jeans? I mean, I’m sure the outfit costs thousands, and I know fashion shows aren’t formal events, but I think we can go a little fancier.

Kirsten Dunst at the Mulberry after-party

I take it back. If the price of dressing fancier is that eyeliner, I give up.

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3 responses to The Week in Celebrity Fashion: Anglophilia Edition!

  1. Catalina

    Awesome fashion cap! I need Isla Fisher’s dress like I need air!

    P.S. I hope the John Gallino/Christian Dior drama settles out because seriously what’s been released so far is depressingly conflicting.

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