Best and Worst: Grammy Awards 2011

Your long-awaited Grammys red carpet recap is here! Don’t forget to check out the rest of my most recent posts: Red Carpet Predictions, and the Best of New York Fashion Week, not to mention the Celebs in the Front Rows of the runway shows, and your regular Weekly Celebrity Fashion Recap!

Without further ado…

BEST DRESSED: Rihanna in Christian Dior

Rihanna in Christian Dior couture

An incredible gown from an incredible collection. I never thought I’d see the day when Rihanna topped my best-dressed list, but there you have it, dear readers. A home run.

Runway version:

Christian Dior Fall 2010 couture. Model: Kim Noorda

Runner Up: Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier

Nicole Kidman in Jean Paul Gaultier

Though the bottom of that dress is borderline mermaid, which I cannot support, this dress is uncommonly beautiful, and this is the best I can remember Nicole looking in recent history.

Runway version:

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 couture. Model: Hana Ben Abdesslem

Honorable Mention: Florence Welch in Givenchy

Florence Welch in Givenchy

I hated this collection, but leave it to my hero Florence to change my mind. She wisely kept the accessories to a minimum, realizing that when you’re a six foot tall redhead in Givenchy haute couture, a few rings and a whole lot of attitude are the only accessories you need.

Runway version:

Givenchy Spring 2011 couture. Model: Shu Pei Qin

Julianne Hough in Malandrino

Great print and a fabulously flattering cut, but Lea Michele already wore this dress in green, to the 2010 SAG Awards:

Lea Michele in Malandrino

So she loses points for lack of creativity. But Julianne still looks hot as hell.

Selena Gomez in J. Mendel

As the night wore on, this dress wrinkled in an unflattering way, but it looks pretty close to flawless here. But another nude, shiny dress is a little too expected. I hope Selena goes for a serious color soon.

Runway version:

J. Mendel Spring 2011. Model: Shu Pei Qin

Kelly Osbourne in Tadashi Shoji

She should’ve kept the black sash instead of this matchy-matchy lilac one – it’s the difference between childish and chic. Not loving the shoes or the hair, but the color of this dress is awesome.

Runway version:

Tadashi Shoji Spring 2011

Amber Riley in Ema Savahl

This print is mega-tacky, but let’s be honest, so is our girl Mercedes. She’s rocking it, and though critics panned that metal shoulder piece, I’m all about it. Her bod looks phenomenal and I dig the hair and makeup.

Jennifer Hudson in Versace

Speaking of phenomenal bods, Jennifer Hudson is literally half the size she used to be. The transformation is unbelievable. And after you lose a shit-ton of weight, what better way to show it off than in a shiny, tight Versace bodice? Again, it’s a little tacky, but you can’t say she doesn’t look hot in it. I think a softer shoe would have improved the look, and the stick-straight hair is totally over, but this girl can let it all hang out.

Runway version:

Versace Pre-Fall 2010. Model: Charlotte di Calypso

Eva Longoria in Ashi

Not the stupidest thing she’s worn on the red carpet (remember this granny-panty disaster?), but it’s pretty dumb all the same. The skirt is great, but the top half is just a mess. And I think Eva Longoria might actually be the most boring woman alive.

Jenna Ushkowitz

Jenna tends to look like a complete idiot on the red carpet, so at least this is an improvement. But the girl does not have the build for these misshapen layered crinoline Marchesa-style cocktail dresses, and she needs to branch out into something that actually works for her.

Naya Rivera

Awful hair, made worse with a dress that is literally pooping fabric.

Dianna Agron in Vivienne Westwood

Dianna, the smoky eye thing does not work for you. You’re too porcelain and delicate. Let it go. Oh, and Helena Bonham Carter called; she wants her signature lumpy black Vivienne Westwood dress back. YA BURNT!

Lea Michele in Emilio Pucci

Glad to see she’s joined the Christina Aguilera school of thought – dress like the drag queen version of yourself. My girl Lea is loving her status as a sex symbol but doesn’t understand that you can celebrate your sexuality without an ass-high slit and tits-out gowns. The makeup is a total nightmare, and if she doesn’t stop with these long, layered/draped shirts, she will find herself facing the wrath of this Diva.

Runway version:

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011. Model: Jac

Heidi Klum in Julien Macdonald

Jesus, Heidi. It’s only the Grammys, and you’re only a relevant attendee because of your husband. You don’t always have to dress like the show revolves around you. And those shoes were a mistake with that dress. And honey, a Victoria’s Secret model such as yourself should probably invest in a bra. And stop dressing like you’re Cher in Vegas.

Kim Kardashian in Kaufman Franco

This looks terrifyingly like a Kim Kardashian wax figure. There is nothing left on her body that looks naturally-made.

Christina Aguilera in custom Roberto Cavalli

I can’t spend another post begging Christina to lose the red lips and the platinum hair. I just can’t. I know she’ll never learn.

Jennifer Lopez in Emilio Pucci

J.Lo in the same dress she wears to every fucking event. SNOOZE.

Nicki Minaj in Givenchy

There’s going wild because you’re a true fashionista, and there’s going wild because you know it’s the only reason people will give you the time of day. Guess one Nicki Minaj is?

Better yet, I watched Nicki tell E! on the red carpet that Givenchy custom-designed this couture look especially for her. But wait, if that’s true, then what could this be?

Givenchy Fall 2007 couture. Model: Eva Poloniova

Oh, right. THE SAME EXACT FUCKING LOOK, head-to-toe, including the same gloves and shoes, from four years ago. What a poser.

Miley Cyrus in Roberto Cavalli

I can’t decide what’s worse – the hair that she insists on using as a shield, like we won’t notice that she’s showing her tits if she covers them up with hair extensions; or the dress itself; or the bracelets, which were such a rookie mistake for a dress of this much shininess. Amazing how Amber Riley wore such a similar print but rocked it way harder than Miley.

Runway version:

Roberto Cavalli Spring 2001. Model: Jac

Ciara in Emilio Pucci Spring 2011

Awful. Living proof of why I hate both Ciara and Emilio Pucci. And those shoes could not be any uglier.

Runway version:

Emilio Pucci Spring 2011. Model: Toni Garrn

Rihanna in Jean Paul Gaultier

Rihanna’s performance outfit was the best of the night, but her red carpet gown was one of the worst. If you have to spend the whole night adjusting your pipe cleaners so they cover your twat, YOU’RE WEARING THE WRONG DRESS.

Runway version:

Jean Paul Gaultier Spring 2011 couture. Model: Andrej Pejic

Worst Dressed: Katy Perry in Armani

Katy Perry in custom Armani

Angel wings, a diamond bra, and an iridescent skirt with a train fit for a tranny-queen? Sorry, Katy. Better luck next time.

© Democracy Diva, 2011.

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