Front Row: Celebrities at New York Fashion Week

Who cares about the runway when everybody important is in the front row? Here’s what the celebs you love to hate most rocked at New York Fashion Week.


She’s not even human.

Anna Wintour at Rodarte

The notorious Vogue editor fixes her impossible-to-please eye upon the runway. She’s more intimidating in that fur than an actually cheetah. I’m no fur fan, but even a vegan would punch a calf in the face for a chance to wear that coat.

Johnny Weir at Dennis Basso

Johnny Weir in gold shoes, women’s pants, a fur coat and a Birkin bag? This, my dear readers, is the definition of queer. He looks fabulous, though I think the expression of the woman sitting just behind him says it all.

Julia Stiles at Cynthia Rowley

This was a big color this week. I’m obsessed. This is a perfect dress for a fashion show – something simple that you can accessorize the hell out of – but I wish Julia had done a little more with it.

Kate Bosworth at Calvin Klein

Again, starlets love their minimalist fashion at the runway shows. But who is still doing a center part, stick-straight hairdo besides this girl and Sammi Sweetheart?

Kerry Washington at Calvin Klein

Great color, and it was huge on the runways this week too. She looks flawless.

Leigh Lezark at Herve Leger

This bitch always looks so miserable. Like the poor man’s Kristen Stewart, except she has even less reason to be famous. (She’s a DJ/model/someone who started showing up at enough places that eventually people just started treating her like a celebrity.) I know those Herve Leger dresses are tight, but smile through the pain.

Kirsten Dunst at Rodarte

Fabulous. That’s probably what I would’ve chosen to wear, with a pop of color.

Vanessa Hudgens at Marchesa

The basic Marchesa dress that seemingly every starlet has worn this year. I mean, this is basically the mandatory wardrobe for front row at Marchesa. She looks decent in it, but the hair is frizzy and the makeup is too heavy.

Vanessa Hudgens at Anna Sui

Wow. This is the kind of downward spiral that comes with breaking up with your super-hot but super-gay boyfriend. This is a disco-hippie nightmare.

Vanessa Hudgens at Diesel Black Gold

I know there are people who enjoy strutting around in a garbage bags and witch’s robes, but most of them are meth addicts, not Hollywood starlets. Luckily, Vanessa Hudgens is both!

Emma Roberts at Michel Kors

I’ve never really gotten the appeal of this girl – literally everything she wears just looks a little bit off – but I can’t find something bad to say about this, except that she needs her roots touched up in a bad way. I just can’t imagine a point in my life where I know I’m going to one of the biggest shows in all of New York Fashion Week, and I DON’T MAKE SURE MY HAIR LOOKS GOOD. Don’t get complacent, bitches.

Kristin Chenoweth at Milly

That bag is tacky for sure, but Cheno can do no wrong.

Leighton Meester at Marc Jacobs

Just because it’s by Marc Jacobs doesn’t mean it’s appropriate for his runway show, Leighton. This dress should remain in the depths of the Spring 2011 collection from which it came, when Marc was clearly doing a lot of blow under the pretense of being inspired by the 1970s. It does make your waist look uber-tiny, but those shoes are a problem, and STYLE YOUR HAIR.

Christina Hendricks at Carolina Herrera

Those shoes are a little twee for a grown woman, but the dress is cute enough, I guess. Isn’t Joanie starting to look a little old, though? Beauty sleep is your most important accessory, dear.

Katrina Bowden in Oscar de la Renta

Very chic, albeit expected. I love the peek of the black bra strap, because it looks great with the black strappy shoes – I even like the black toenail polish, which I usually loathe on the red carpet. The orangey-red is a great color on her, and I love a little blonde chic who actually embraces her light skin instead of fake-and-baking to death. Great makeup, and though I’d have gone with more volume in the hair, the slicked-back look keeps it chic and modern.

Katrina Bowden at the Rebecca Minkoff show

I just found my new dream purse.

Katrina Bowden at BCBG Max Azria

Very trendy, very BCBG. Love the nail polish.

Gabrielle Union at Christian Siriano

Love this print, but I’m over that ruffled neck trend. I remember this dress from Christian Siriano’s Spring 2011 collection; I wasn’t crazy about the silhouette then, and I’m still not now. But I hope Christian does some accessories or smaller pieces in that print – I think it’s definitely a less-is-more sort of look.

Nicole Richie in Roland Mouret

Awful. Hair, makeup, dress, accessories – none of it is working for me.

Alexa Chung in Carven

Dear beautiful, statuesque, stylish women: Why do you insist on donning haircuts that seem intentionally designed to make you look uglier than you actually are? This cut screams “I’m a recovering alcoholic who chopped off my ponytail during my last stint in rehab” rather than “fashionable British starlet and TV personality.” But those shoes are AMAZING.

Alexa Chung in Yves Saint Laurent

The hair is better, but still well within mental-patient territory. And I’m over those giant round-toed pumps. And this dress makes her proportions look awfully strange.

Alexa Chung in Deyrolle at Christian Siriano

Well, now I know she’s doing this specifically to torment me. That jumpsuit, which may or may not have pictures of ANIMALS all over it, with black socks and those red shoes? I’m having a fashion embolism.

Check back later tonight for more of what your favorite celebs wore to the Grammys and other red carpet events!

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