Fashion Week: Predicting the 2010 Red Carpet

The Democracy Diva has the power to see the future. She, after looking at literally thousands of fresh-off-the-runway dresses, will predict who will wear what to this year’s red carpet events. And if she is wrong, it is only because celebrities too often listen to their stylists instead of the Democracy Diva. Shame on them.

Kate Hudson

Erin Featherston Fall 2010

I immediately thought of Kate Hudson when I saw this dress. She’s definitely worn a metallic dress with the same shape as the top of this dress, but that extra bow switches it up a bit. And she’s become more and more fond of flowy dresses at events over the last few years; I could certainly see her pairing her love of flowing skirts and her love of shiny objects together and rocking this dress at the Academy Awards.

For Cougars and Glamour Queens

Tadashi Shoji Fall 2010

This gown simply screams, Wear me to the Oscars! Actually, if I’m going to personify this gown, I should do it more properly. She’s holding a long cigarette, and in a sultry rasp, she purrs, “Darling, you’re not wearing me to the awards. I am the award.”

Regardless, I could easily see Kim Cattrall clinging to her youth for a few more milliseconds by wearing this to the Sex and the City 2 premiere in Los Angeles (it’s a much more L.A. dress than New York). Really, any cougar, or any aspiring cougars (like Hayden Panettiere, who inexplicably has been styled to look twice her age lately), could easily pull off this dress. I’d honestly be shocked if I didn’t see this shiny, Grecian look, or something intensely similar to it, at the Oscars in a few weeks.

Dressed to Win

J. Mendel Fall 2010

This is the kind of dress that you see on the red carpet and you think, Obviously, she knew she was going to win, if she wore that dress. Which is kind of problematic for this year’s Oscars, because Sandra Bullock knows she’s not glamorous or graceful enough to pull off this dress, and it’s not something Mo’Nique would wear either, and they’re both basically shoo-ins for the female acting awards.

But I could see several of the nominees rocking this gown. Maggie Gyllenhaal in particular would nail this; I personally would like to call her stylist and recommend it, because she epitomizes the intrigue and style that this dress conveys. Carey Mulligan’s boyish looks would go great with a look like this that’s feminine in shape but not overly girly. Penelope Cruz would wear this, but probably in red, black, or silver. She’s not exactly a woman who epitomizes subdued colors.

But most of all, I see this as Lea Michele’s next great wardrobe step. She’s got the makings of a style icon, and can rock high fashion without seeming like she’s trying to dress too maturely. She may be playing a sixteen-year-old, but she’s 23, and certainly old enough to glam it up instead of running around with no pants on like half of Young Hollywood seems to be doing lately.

Fit for The Queen

Oscar de la Renta Fall 2010

To me, if you take the neckline up just a bit, this dress is made for Helen Mirren. She has a knack for dressing better than most women half her age, and, most importantly, not trying to grasp onto her youth (that’s right, Jennifer Lopez, I’m talking to you). This is classy, but still fun and interesting and basically ageless. Just like Dame Helen Mirren. (I don’t think she’s technically a dame, but she is in my heart.)

Who is Divalicious enough for Christian Siriano?

Christian Siriano Fall 2010

This is a gown fit for a diva.

No matter how much I desperately wish that Beyoncé would, after a decade in the music business, finally learn how to dress herself (or hire people with the skill to do so), I know it’s a lost cause. But she would look phenomenal in this, with hair down and jewels blinging. Assuming she wore it in her actually size, instead of two sizes smaller, which is what she seems to do with her entire wardrobe.

It’d be a waste on Rihanna, who brings no grace to anything she wears. And it’s far too simple for my Lady Gaga. If Taylor Swift were two years older, she could nail it. And it’s a little too obvious for Pink. Because, you know, it’s pink.

But if Carrie Underwood ever gets out of her phase of wearing white/silver/ivory sparkly dresses (I almost wrote an entire blog post about it – I found literally 20 pictures wearing practically the same dress to almost every red carpet event of the last few years), I think she’s the lady for this dress. Young and hot enough to pull it off, and she’s got a sense of fun and light-heartedness about herself that would help nail down this look.

Check out The Democracy Diva later tonight and this week! We’ve got tons more to say about this fabulous week. And by we, I mean me.

3 responses to Fashion Week: Predicting the 2010 Red Carpet

  1. Haley

    I love your dress picks but I disagree with who’s wearing them. Here’s my two cents:

    Dress One, I actually agree with you, but I could also see Amanda Seyfried in it if she goes, or Dakota Fannning if she goes.

    Dress Two, Hiliary Swank WOULD have worn if she were going. But it will probably be Susan Sarandon or something. Though it’s prolly not enough titty for Sue.

    Dress Three, Marion Cotilliard. If she doesn’t wear it she’s an idiot. It’s made for her.

    Dress Four, Kate Hudson or Nicole Kidman. Stars with flat chests and pretty skin.

    Dress Five, In a more muted color, this is a Kyra Sedgwick all the way. This the kind of gown Gabourey Sidibe should wear, with no shawl or anything covering her arms. It’d look great against her dark skin and it’d be a great “fuck you” to the people at Vanity Fair that didn’t put her on the Young Hollywood cover. Wearing that dress would be her saying “i’m a fucking movie star, bitches. Deal with it.”

    • sdercher – Author

      1. seyfried i agree with, fanning i agree with as well.

      2. definitely not titty enough for sue, and if swank were still relevant, it would absolutely be hers.

      3. i forget that marion cotilliard exists. i just think she’s really boring.

      4. it belongs to helen mirren. i stand by that.

      5. i think sedgwick has actually worn too many dresses that look like this to be able to pull it off. it’s TOO her. and i agree that gabourey sidibe should wear something fabulous and fuck you, but i don’t think it should be this.

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