Divas in the News: Britney, Adele, and Lea Michele

Some of our favorite divalicious stars did some fabulous cover stories and photo shoots this month. What do Britney, Adele, and Lea have to show us?

BRITNEY SPEARS for Harper’s Bazaar
photography by Alexi Lubomirski

Dress by Bill Blass ($1450)

Sure, there’s a healthy dose of airbrushing happening here, but she looks lovely, and she’s WORKING that dress with those killer cut-outs.

Dolce & Gabbana gown ($4995); Raphael Young shoes ($850)

I think Dolce & Gabbana had Britney in mind when they designed this dress. I think anyone else would look like a fool in that print, but Britney is killing it.

Emanuel Ungaro dress ($6040); Dolce & Gabbana shoes

Why are all these hipster-bum-children standing around the world’s biggest pop star in thousands of dollars of couture? But kudos to Britney, whose figure hasn’t looked this good in years.

Isabel Marant dress; Christian Louboutin shoes

 The dress doesn’t do much for her, the hair is limp, and these Hair cast rejects on bikes are weirding me out.

Blumarine dress ($1745); Givenchy shoes ($790)

 This feels a little forced, and the dress isn’t anything special.

Overall: Britney gets a big cheer from us. She looks happy, healthy, thin, and even fabulous.

ADELE for Out Magazine
photography by Perry Ogden

I have such a raging girl crush on Adele, and these photos are just turning me even gayer for her.

One of my favorite photographs. And not just of Adele. She’s stunning here.

Well, although she’s fabulously beautiful, she’s not the funnest to photograph. She’s made identical faces in each of the photos so far.

Same face, but with pursed lips and a statue’s penis.

Same face, but with a fabulously manicured hand.

Obsessed with this photo – it’s a real glimpse at the amazing divaliciousness that is Adele. All the other photographs are beautiful, but this is effortless.


That hair. I want to BE her.

LEA MICHELE for Cosmopolitan UK

Was she belting some Barbra during the photo shoot? If not, why is her mouth open so unreasonably wide? I know she has more than a mere tendency to over-emote, but this looks a little manic. Luckily, the vintage swimsuit-style top and the lovely little skirt look fabulous on this petite diva. But it would be refreshing to see a photo of her where she wasn’t pushing her breasts together and pulling her skirt up to flash a bit of thigh.

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