The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 1

This week, the stars party in London and hit up fashion shows all over the world. Because they can.

dress by Chanel

Photo: Richard Young/Rex

What did I even do during Keira’s long red carpet hiatus? Now that she’s busy promoting her new movie, I can hardly remember what celebrity fashion was like without her. SHE IS THE BEST, YOU GUYS. She is one of the only stars on whom quirky hipster-chic fashion actually works at least 90% of the time. (Alexa Chung’s stats are not nearly so good. We’ll get to that bullshit later.) I love this weird little dress, and if you cut off the long skirt underneath, I’d wear it in a fucking heartbeat.

dress by Simone Rocha, shoes by Prada

Photo: ALM-GSI

This would have been perfect if it weren’t for that bizarre diaper-flap-looking thing on her hip. What is that? Why is that even there? Whatever. Everything else is awesome.

TAYLOR SWIFT in New York City
sweater by Miu Miu, skirt by Topshop, sunglasses by Prada, purse by Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Seychelles


I don’t know when Taylor Swift became my personal street style fashion icon, but it happened. I went from hating every princess dress she wore to showing her picture to my hairdresser for my last haircut. I’m as surprised as you are, but I want to own every single goddamn thing she’s wearing. Way to serve up that modern pin-up girl realness, Taylor. I dig.

TAYLOR SWIFT in New York City
romper by Topshop, purse by Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Gucci

Photo: AKM-GSI

I personally don’t wear rompers in public, but if I did, it would be this one. I also like that she has a favorite purse (which I am basing on the fact that she wore it twice in one week). It makes her seem almost human, even if said purse probably costs quite a few months of my rent.

JENNIFER LOPEZ at the Atelier Versace couture show
gown, jewelry, and shoes by Atelier Versace

Photo: KCS/Splash News

In true diva fashion, J.Lo wore this look to the runway show moments before it walked down that very same runway. It’s not for everyone, but it is the most interesting, fashionable thing she’s worn in years. I barely write about her anymore, because she’s been wearing the same tight mini-dresses and metallic cut-out gowns for a solid decade, but she finally managed to surprise me. I’m on board.

DOUGLAS BOOTH at the Miu Miu Resort 2015 show
suit by Prada

Photo: PA


FREIDA PINTO at the Miu Miu Resort 2015 show
dress, purse, and shoes by Miu Miu

Photo: Pierre Suu/GC/Getty

Easygoing, but a little funky. Absolutely perfect for Freida.

ISLA FISHER at the Miu Miu Resort 2015 show
dress, purse, and shoes by Miu Miu

Photo: Julien M. Hekimian/French Select/Getty

Supremely cute, without being age-inappropriate. Love the shoes, honey!

AMBER LE BON in London
dress by Peter Pilotto


I didn’t actually know who Amber Le Bon was until Wiki me she’s the daughter of a member of Duran Duran and a model, so I guess that’s as good a reason as any for me to talk about her. At least, as long as she keeps wearing adorable dresses. The cut-out detailing on the shoulder is really chic.

dress by Vivienne Westwood, purse by Rauwolf, shoes by Casadei

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty

I guess the pink shoes were supposed to bring this look to a summertime place, but they just feel like they don’t belong with the rest of the outfit. And I love a pop of color – I think it just needed to be a different color. Regardless, this is a very beautiful dress. I’m a sucker for sleeves that hit right at the elbow – I just think they look so elegant.

LUCY LIU in New York City
dress by Andrew Gn, purse by Jimmy Choo, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood

Photo: Stephen Lovekin/Getty

Lucy Liu looks gorgeous in everything, but this dress is more of a decent Project Runway look than a great red carpet dress. It has a few too many details, and I think those pockets are stupid. And I LOVE dresses with pockets, so they have to be pretty fucking stupid pockets for me to dislike them.

gown by Emilio Pucci, purse by Zagliani

Photo: Rex

I have said this before, and unfortunately, I’m sure I will need to say it again: never wear a draped gown that matches your skintone exactly. From afar, that draping will just look like sagging, wrinkled skin. If I take my glasses off, super-hot supermodel Arizona Muse looks like a naked 80-year-old woman.

dress by Burberry Prorsum, shoes by Topshop

Photo: David M. Benett/Getty

Suki’s eyebrow game is on point, but I could take or leave everything else. She’s too addicted to washed-out colors, and those shoes don’t make sense with this dress.

dress by Erdem

Photo: Lia Toby/WENN

She always wears shoes that make her feet look like skis. I don’t understand it. I googled her shoe size, and she appears to be a seven, so it’s not that she has huge feet. She just wears these weird pointy flats that play tricks on my eyes, I guess. Everything else is fine, but nothing we haven’t seen from Alexa before.

ALEXA CHUNG at the Miu Miu Resort 2015 show
dress, purse, and shoes by Prada

Photo: PA

I mean, you could also wear clothes that fit. Just a thought.

top and skirt by Prabal Gurung

Photo: PA

She looks like a flamenco dancer who might also be a prostitute. I actually kind of like the top, and I could work with the skirt if it didn’t have that asymmetrical ruffle, but the bows around the ankles really push this over the edge into costume territory.

GEMMA ARTERTON at the Miu Miu Resort 2015 show
dress by Prada

Photo: PA

Gemma is only 28, but she still seems a bit too mature for such a girly dress. Come to think of it, 14-year-old Kiernan Shipka might be too mature for this dress.

gown and purse by Mulberry

Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

C’mon, Cara. I know your ex-girlfriend is now dating Zac Efron, and I’m sure that’s very difficult, but there’s no need to let it affect your wardrobe.

dress by Givenchy

Photo: Reimschuessel/Splash News

Someone please explain to me why Naomi Campbell appears to have swam to this event. Did she get caught in a flash flood on the red carpet? What is going on here?

NINA DOBREV at the Atelier Versace Fall 2014 couture show
dress and shoes by Versace

Photo: Bertrand Rindoff Petroff/French Select/Getty

This is just so aggressively ugly. Those fringed shoulders are so terrifying, I may actually have nightmares about them.

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One response to The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 1

  1. MLzx

    Gemma’s hair in picture 1 is yum, but: outfit. Woah. Why?. Cara… love… what is going on? Do you want to talk about it? NINA. NO. RETREAT. Run! That man has a camera! You can’t let him see you like this!

    And that comment about Alexa Chung’s ski feet gave me a serious case of the giggles.

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