The Best of the Week in Fashion

So many people wore so many different outfits this week that I had to split my weekly fashion recap into two parts! Here’s everything I loved this week, on the red carpet and on the street.

The Most Innovative

Wesfeld gown, made entirely of plastic

Project Runway alums Daniel Feld and Wesley Nault won a design contest called Plastics Make it Possible by making two couture gowns entirely out of plastic. This is one of them.

I cannot stop staring at this gown. The boys designed it before they even heard about the contest, and then decided it would be perfect for the challenge. It’s simply astounding.

A Surprise Victory

Rihanna in Christian Siriano

Okay. I hate Rihanna. But I love Christian. I am torn. But this is one of my favorite dresses ever, and while many people have been wearing adapted versions of it, this print is just astounding. And Rihanna’s not even fucking it up with ugly shoes or accessories. Even that hair, while an eyesore, is not as bad as usual. Okay, RiRi. I’ll give you this one. Just please, please, stop making music.

I Shouldn’t Like This… But I Do

Anne Hathaway in Marchesa

For the record, the weird red thing behind her is attached to the wall, not her dress. For a second I thought she was pooping roses. And I wasn’t even surprised, because if anybody could poop roses, it’s Anne Hathaway.

Anyway. The dress. It’s a short blue metallic feathered minidress. That sentence alone should make me cringe. But I absolutely love it. Sure, I’d like it more if the hem were an inch or two lower, but it looks expensive and glamorous and she is working the shit out of it. And since every single actor and actress of all time is in Valentine’s Day, it’s hard to stand out at such a star-studded premiere. But she did, thanks to Marchesa, and Annie’s makeup artist, who chose a lipstick that matches the red carpet. You deserve a raise.


Lady Gaga in Marc Jacobs

This is absolutely my favorite paparazzi photo taken of any modern celebrity that I’ve ever seen. I think this douchebag cameraman caught a truly astounding moment. Gaga (in a gown Christina Ricci already wore), fixing her sheer white gown in the middle of a snowstorm, with her military hat, John Lennon glasses, black nail polish, and peace sign tattoo, is perfection. She’s such a fascinating combination of sweet and gritty, dark and light, and this picture captures that crazy Gaga essence perfectly.

The Samantha Award

Taylor Swift

I. Want. That. Dress. And her matching headband is precious.

Check back here later tonight for what you’re all really waiting for – the worst of the week in fashion!

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