Diva’s Choice: Amelia Earhart Style

I introduce to you a new daily series for my fashion-hungry readers entitled “Diva’s Choice.” While I try to make most of my fashion posts about things I like as opposed to things I personally would wear, Diva’s Choice is all about my dream wardrobe. So I’ll be posting one fabulous item of delectably enviable fashion per day. Comments, as always, are more than welcome.

The Perfect Bomber Jacket

J. Crew's Belstaff air bomber jacket, $1195

I’ve been looking for the perfect leather jacket for a few years now, and can never find one even remotely affordable. This is no exception, but it’s even more enviable than the others I’ve drooled over. It’s the same style jacket that Hilary Swank wore in Amelia, because Amelia Earhart was clearly not only one of the coolest women to ever walk the face of this earth, but she also wore totally fierce jackets. And let’s be honest, it’s totally reasonable to blow 1200 bucks on a jacket that will make me feel like this:

The coolest woman ever

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