Diva’s Choice: A Tote for All Seasons

Prada Spazzolato Tote, $2450

I’ll confess: I do not have an obsession with designer handbags. Handbags and belts are the two accessories that I could just never really get into. I’ve come a long way on the handbag front (thanks to Betsey Johnson and Ted Baker), but I still find most designer handbags unimpressive. They need to really stand out to impress me (as opposed to a blazer or a coat, whose mere existence makes me crave it with an unnatural and certainly unhealthy desire). But this? This is one stunning handbag.

Now, it first struck me as a winter bag; the print looks like the sky before a snowstorm, doesn’t it? And the bejeweled buckle just feels like icicles. And it’s rare to find a fabulous winter accessory that isn’t a boot or some sort of hat/scarf/glove. Not that I would ever dream of toting this Italian leather dream around in the snow, but she sure would look beautiful during snowpocalypse. (This bag is worthy of personification.)

But then I considered what she’d be worn with. And suddenly she was a fall handbag, clutched under the arm of a woman in a black top, skinny jeans and boots or a charcoal gray sweaterdress. But then, in my mind’s eye, I saw her in the arms of a woman wearing a crisp button down, a brightly colored cardigan, and a pencil skirt, heading to work on a lovely spring day. And then I envisioned a girl in a white sundress and tan sandals, and this became a summer bag. So there you have it – a bag for every season.

But in case you were thinking about ordering four of them immediately, keep in mind that the Saks website explicitly forbids you from ordering more than three of this bag in a one-month period, so high in demand is this particular item. Good night, my dear readers, and let us all dream of a day where our biggest problem is only being able to blow 7 grand on purses when we want to spend 10k.

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