Diva’s Choice: The Perfect Drape

Vera Wang draped silk cocktail dress, $1895

I think I could make a year’s worth of daily blog posts about Vera Wang wedding gowns and cocktail dresses, and this is a perfect example of why. Draping is a difficult art to master, and it’s easy to see why. Fabrics haphazardly draped over one another can easily look sloppy and unflattering. But the masters know how to make fabric look like it just happened to fall in that haphazard but spectacular manner.

This dress has everything I demand in a perfect cocktail dress. I love the dark sultriness of the black and grey silk. I love the asymmetry as well – somehow draping that’s different from side to side and top to bottom looks incredible as a whole. And it’s rare that I see a head-to-toe look (especially off the runway) that I’d kill to wear every single piece of. The gloves, the tights, that amazing necklace, and most of all, those shoes – it’s all working together in a spectacularly sexy way.

What a take on a sexy little cocktail dress. Vera Wang proves that you can stick to a simple short and strapless silhouette, plain colors, no matters, and still ensure that all eyes on the room will be on you.

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