Diva’s Choice: The Neon Coat

Shamask Coat, $1495

On the runway, on the street, and in my closet, fall is my favorite fashion season. Why? Coats. I love coats so much it’s a little bit weird. I fall in love with coats the way some women fall in love with wedding dresses. That instant connection and immediate knowledge that, somehow, this piece of fabric is destined for you. (For those of you who wonder, my fall coat is a knee-length wool jacket that poofs out a bit into a bubble hem. It has oversized pockets and it closes with buttons and a tie, and it’s grey plaid with pink and blue accents, and it’s the best thing I own.)

But Shamask has taken the desirable fall coat and turned it into a spring essential. Now, it’s still made of wool and cashmere, so I suppose it can only be worn in springtime by really fashionable Eskimos, but just that pop! of a neon green is enough to make a brisk fall day feel like spring. The Bergdorf website calls the color “pistachio,” but I’m sorry, that is much brighter than pistachio. It’s almost as bright as my college roommate Roxie’s infamously fabulous highlighter sweater! (I feel a thousand years old, referring to someone as “my college roommate,” knowing that it’s in the past tense.) Anyway, her sweater and this coat are living proof that you can take a classic garment in a day-glo color and rock it in every season. (Though, for 1500 bucks, you better damn well live somewhere cold enough to get year-round use out of that coat!)

2 responses to Diva’s Choice: The Neon Coat

  1. Roxie

    1) I also feel old when you refer to me as your past college roommate. And sad.
    2) I fully believe everyone should own at least one highlighter-colored garment. Even if your hair is already bright orange like mine.

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