The Week in Fashion

Best Reason to Love American Boys


Nothing’s cuter than a well-dressed nerd with an adorable dog – except when said nerd and dog are wearing Ray Bans! For wealthy girls looking for gifts for hipster boys, the rain jacket is by Gant Rugger; cardigan and shirt are by J. Crew; the gorgeous pants are by Band of Outsiders; and the shoes are of course Ferragamo.

Best Reason to Love European Men

The glasses, the jeans, the shoes, the blazers – all unique, all gorgeous, all classically European and gorgeous.

Over The Hills


A word to the wise – Betty White from the waist up and Paris Hilton from the waist down is not a look that works on anybody. A frumpy, matronly jacket with a miniskirt? And the only people who still style their hair and makeup like that are the wives of relatively unsuccessful Southern politicians.

Cutest Casual Wear


Bilson looks this good just running her goddamn ERRANDS. The top is perfect – that color is so summery and fabulous, and the little bitty hint of black bra peeking out is totally sexy. The shorts are the perfect length; she just looks perfectly petite, funky, and chic.

Worst of the Week



When you’re dressed for a Mormon compound, shouldn’t you wear pants?

Most Surprisingly Classy

Katy Perry

Katy, is that you? I’ve never seen you in anything that actually resembled clothing, let alone beautiful clothing. This dress is gorgeous, perfect for traipsing around Paris (where this photo was taken), and those heels are a shoe fanatic’s wet dream. Love the little belt cinching her waist, and loving the hints of crazy colors in her hair to remind you that she’s still a loony pop star.

3 responses to The Week in Fashion

  1. Haley

    I wouldn’t be so quick to praise Katy Perry. Though the shoes are gorgeous, the dress she’s wearing is still made of spandex if you look closely.

    But I love the fact that when I saw Rachel Bilson’s photo my first thought was “those shorts are the absolute perfect length” and that you concur. #sisterwin

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