Blake Lively for Elle

Your favorite Gossip Girl (does anyone still watch that show?) hit the cover of Elle.

BLAKE LIVELY for Elle March 2012
photographed by Tom Munro; styled by Joe Zee

dress by Victoria Beckham

Photo: Tom Munro for Elle

I’ll admit, it’s a good cover shot (though it’d make an even better one in a color). The hair is post-coital and fabulous, and she’s smize-ing her ass off. Love the cocktail rings. But you’ll soon see that she gives that slightly-open mouthed, looking-straight-into-your-eyes face in every. fucking. shot.

tank ($235) and long-sleeved shirt ($180) by Isabel Marant

Photo: Tom Munro for Elle

So, the concept of this photo was “Blake Lively, soaking wet, licking her own hair, wearing her sluttiest roller derby costume, playing with a veritable kilo of cocaine,” apparently. I just found it astounding that people sat down in a room and made this photograph happen.

jacket ($2,295) by Blumarine, swimsuit ($320) by Michael Kors, shoes ($895) by Pierre Hardy

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

Well, at least we’re getting our money’s worth now. The expression remains frozen and pouty as ever, and she’s still inexplicably wet, but those absurdly long legs are fucking awesome in this shot. And those Pierre Hardy shoes? Um, yeah, they’re going to need to be mine.  But is it just me, or do her hands seem kind of enormous?

top by Gucci, leggings by Alexander Wang

Photo: Tom Munro for Elle

We get it, Blake. You have an ass. Congratu-fucking-lations. Could you put on something that doesn’t look like it was designed for a Kardashian, please?

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