Diva’s Choice: Working Girl

Piazza Sempione dress ($855), cardigan ($770), and belt ($160

Business casual at its best, this dress-cardigan-belt combination costs $1785 altogether (and that’s without the shoes or stockings), but damn it, this might be as fabulous as life gets. Switch the cardigan out for a structured blazer and you’re a high-powered woman on a mission; keep the sweet little sweater and you’ve got an everyday work-friendly ensemble; or best of all, go jacket-less, lose the tights, throw on some funky accessories and your day-wear just became your hot date-night dress.

The dress has cap-sleeves, which you can’t see in this photo, but trust me, it’s fabulous. It hits a few inches above the knee on the model, which means it would hit just above the knee on a normal woman (and just below the knee on this pint-size Diva). Obviously the green knitting of the cardigan that matches the dress is to die for, and that color is so unique, like olive mixed with a hint of gold. I’m not sure I would’ve chosen the black-on-black shoes and stockings, but they certainly bring a certain schoolgirl charm to the outfit.

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