Diva’s Choice: The Return of the Waistcoat

Vivienne Westwood Red Label waistcoat jacket, £615

You guys can have your Italian and French designers all you like, but when it comes to what I want in my everyday wardrobe, I have complete anglophilia. I love British fashion designers – the menswear for women, the new-wave or punk or hipster influences, the amazing amount of plaid. It all calls out to me, and this jacket is the reason why.

What’s more British-sounding than a waistcoat? Besides a waistcoat designed by a Brit, for sale at a British department store? This would be gorgeous and enviable enough as a regular blazer. But add that little waistcoat, and you’ve elevated a solid wardrobe necessity into a truly original piece. The jacket is grey tweed with sort of hazy purple pinstripes, and the black trim brings a tuxedo-chic element to this piece. And the brassy buttons? So British. So perfect.

This is what I mean about fall fashion being my favorite, wearability-wise. Throw on a t-shirt and dark-wash skinny jeans and you could take on the world. Black equestrian boots, or your favorite pair of converse, or a pair of heels – when you’ve got on something this fabulous, nothing else matters.

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