Diva’s Choice: The Perfect Pumps

The day doesn’t end till I go to sleep, so technically, this post isn’t late. But I’m exhausted, so let’s make this a quick one, shall we?

Christian Louboutin candy stud pumps, $965

Studded, because you’re a badass. A little bow, because you’re cute. A fishnetty material, because you’re sexy. And black leather, because you’re fabulous. I’d wear this till those 4.5 inch heels were worn into the ground.

On a related note, I passed by a popular gay club on the way back to my apartment (Apex – I live around the corner). A gay gentleman stopped me and said, “You have pretty legs.” And I was wearing sandals. (And my hot pink Theory short shorts. Loehmanns, $20, deal with it.) I can only imagine the comments I would have gotten had I been strutting down 22nd street WITH THOSE FUCKING SHOES ON MY FEET.

2 responses to Diva’s Choice: The Perfect Pumps

  1. Haley

    I think you need to look closer at these shoes. You didn’t mention a really important element…..that the cute bow is made of zipper, the very zipper that outlines the different “sections” of this shoe. Which makes it EVEN BETTER. You’re welcome.

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