Diva’s Choice: The Spring Coat

Oscar de la Renta coat, $6450

It’s been five whole days since I’ve shown a coat! I’m disappointed in myself, kittens.

This silk coat with threadwork embroidery is from Oscar’s Spring 2010 collection. Such unique colors – that blue and the yellow are both unexpected, and together, they’re unstoppable. There’s something very Egyptian about this look – the embroidery feels like hieroglyphics – and it’s the kind of coat where it doesn’t matter what the hell you wear with it, because the outfit is all about the coat.

I don’t know if she’s wearing a headband or a braid with a ribbon tied through it, but for the record, I’m obsessed with whatever is happening north of her forehead.

And on the Oscar de la Renta website, this coat is on sale for the totally affordable price of $3870! Thank goodness for that.

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