Diva’s Choice: The Modern Victorian Bride

Christian Dior Fall 2005 couture gown

Where the traditional meets the modern, this dress resides. The floral motif as old as the institution of marriage itself, pink flowers cascade down this gown. The bodice and skirt are wrapped and draped beautifully; still voluminous and powerful as a Victorian-era pride, but in ivorys, pinks, and golds. And the matching gloves are spectacular – a must for any formal affair. The shoes that tie in a bow around her ankles are precious, and I can’t stop staring at the color of the dress itself.  A sort of dirty, dingy take on traditional bridal colors, but still keeping the overall look soft and feminine. But I love the way the skirt gathers and hangs like the bride has a skirt of smoke billowing around her. It seems delicate and angelic. Not to mention tip-top couture perfection.

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