Diva’s Choice: The Sweaterdress

Ralph Lauren Black Label cashmere sweaterdress, $855

I live for sweaterdresses. When it’s wintertime, you’ll be hard-pressed to find the Democracy Diva in anything other than a sweaterdress and tights. But I’d never need to buy another sweaterdress again if I had this sexy number from Ralph Lauren’s Black Label. The perfect length – hits right at the knee, so you don’t have to freeze your buns off in a mini-dress when it’s eleven degrees out. Slim-fitting and curve-hugging, so you still feel sexy even though the look is so simple. Three-quarter sleeves, because let’s be honest, everybody loves a good three-quarter sleeve. And the crossover bodice is just classically beautiful. (Though you might need to bring a scarf if you’re actually wearing this in the wintertime, because that neckline, while beautiful, also seems conducive to pneumonia.)

But what makes this dress truly perfect is its timelessness. I could see Audrey Hepburn in it; I could see Emma Watson in it. Because perfectly fitted, simple dresses in classic colors never go out of style.

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