Diva’s Choice: The Ballerina Skirt

Donna Karan skirt, $1995

I’ve yet to feature a skirt on Diva’s Choice, but when I saw this fabulous little number, I knew she deserved the spotlight. With or without the signature black tights and leotard, this ruffled skirt from Donna Karan is clearly fit for a ballerina. (At two grand for the skirt, 800 for the leotard, and 52 for the tights, it’s clearly fit for the world’s wealthiest ballerina, but I digress.)

There’s something so wonderful about twirling around in a girly, tutu-esque skirt. And whether you’ve got legs for days like this model or an actual human’s body, you’re bound to look super-cute in such a skirt – and super-sexy in this particular skirt. The ruffles spiral around the skirt, alternating between silk organza and wool velour, making an adorable skirt into something intriguing and creative. And of course the black eliminates some of the little-girl factor and adds an element of funk. But whether you’re throwing on combat boots and a bomber jacket for a gritty-meets-pretty, punk rock prom queen vibe, or you’re donning a crisp button-down, a colorful cardigan, and fabulous heels, every woman is a ballerina in this skirt.

One response to Diva’s Choice: The Ballerina Skirt

  1. I absolutely adore this skirt. Other than the two wedding dresses, I think this might be one of my favorite things that you have posted.

    Now if only I had a trust fund or something to tap into so I could spend $2000 on a skirt…

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