Front Row: Stars at Fall 2013 Fashion Week, Part 2

Let’s check in on how our favorite celebrities fared at New York Fashion Week, shall we?

ISABELLE FUHRMAN at the Prabal Gurung show
dress by Prabal Gurung

Photo: Justin Campbell

It’s not truly New York Fashion Week until someone shows up in a Prabal Gurung print that I absolutely adore. Isabelle’s only fifteen, but she clearly knows how to make a memorable front-row appearance, with her perfect pocketed dress and stunning, totally weather-inappropriate shoes.

ISABELLE FUHRMAN at the Christian Siriano show

Photo: Joe Kohen/Getty

The fur is a little much for such a young lady (ugh, I feel a hundred years old saying things like that), but the dress is adorable and the shoes are delicious.

JAIME KING at the Kate Spade after-party

Photo: Justin Campbell/Getty

Jaime King must not have slept at all last week, because I’m pretty sure she was at all 130-something fashion shows and every single after-party, even when that required being in ten places at once. By far my favorite look she donned this week was this gorgeous crop top/pencil skirt combo. The print is weird and wonderful, the colors are lovely, and the silhouette is perfect on her.

JAIME KING at the Prabal Gurung show
top, pants, and shoes by Prabal Gurung

Photo: Craig Barritt/Getty

I can’t pull off baggy space pants, but more power to the women who can. Love the shoes, and the hair and makeup are the best they’ve ever looked.

JAIME KING at the Bulgari party
dress by J. Mendel, collar by Jennifer Fisher, jewelry by Bulgari, shoes by Jimmy Choo


The flowy pastel dress is all kinds of adorable, and I like how she juxtaposed the romantic dress with the shiny, pointy pumps and the sharp collar.

KAROLINA KURKOVA at the Michael Kors show
blouse, pants, and purse by Michael Kors

Photo: Getty

I think two white accessories would have looked way better than three, but the blouse, pants, and shoes are all supremely chic.

ANNA DELLO RUSSO at the Marc by Marc Jacobs show
dress by Louis Vuitton

Photo: Getty

Everybody might be wearing Louis Vuitton’s checkerboard dresses, but no one is accessorizing them quite like the lovably eccentric Anna Dello Russo. White stockings, white gloves, white headband, white purse, and shoes that must have belong to Elvis at some time? This is what fashion week street style is all about.

ANNA DELLO RUSSO at the Tory Burch show
coat, purse, and shoes by Prada

Photo: Cindy Ord/Getty

I hate flatforms, and I hate them even more when they’re open-toed and worn with gray stockings. But lady can work that bathrobe-looking coat better than any mere mortal, I’ll give her that.

ELIZABETH OLSEN and LIV TYLER at the Proenza Schouler show
Liv’s skirt by Proenza Schouler

Photo: Jemal Countess/Getty

Almost too coordinated in black, blue, and teal, Ms. Olsen and Ms. Tyler were two peas in an utterly adorable pod at the Proenza Schouler show. Highlights: Liv’s stunning printed skirt; Elizabeth’s blazer and striped clutch.

JULIANNE MOORE at the Bulgari party
dress and shoes by Lanvin, jewelry and purse by Bulgari

Photo: Neil Rasmus/

The shoes aren’t my favorite, but everything else is basically flawless. The Lanvin dress is simple but effortlessly chic on her, and the Bulgari accessories are absolutely stunning.

JADA PINKETT-SMITH at the Vera Wang show

Photo: Getty

I have a very serious crush on this adorable little dress. That pleated skirt is just to die for.

JADA PINKETT-SMITH and WILLOW SMITH at the Michael Kors show
Jada’s shoes by Brian Atwood, Jada’s coat and Willow’s top and purse by Michael Kors

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty

The collar and belt on Jada’s trench are WAY too big, especially since she’s such a petite lady. Willow’s outfit is kind of unremarkable, but for Willow, I think that’s a good thing, since the alternative is usually something batshit crazy.

ZOE SALDANA at the Michael Kors show
top, skirt, purse, and shoes by Michael Kors

Photo: Larry Busacca/Getty

She works this color like nobody else, but the accessories aren’t my favorites.

JESSICA CHASTAIN at the Calvin Klein show
dress by Calvin Klein

Photo: Justin Campbell/Startraks

Calvin Klein has got to be the most boring front row in all of fashion week, every season. Minimalism isn’t always bad, but a dozen ladystars in monochrome belted shifts and boxy, classic accessories gets exhausting.

CHRISTINA RICCI at the Thakoon show
dress by Thakoon

Photo: Getty

Love the dress, but she could have gone so much crazier with the shoes and improved this look by about a million percent.

OLIVIA WILDE at the Bulgari party
dress by Alexander McQueen, jewelry by Bulgari, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Neil Rasmus/

The dress is a few inches too long, and the shoes are painfully boring, but I do like the jewelry. I just wish Olivia hadn’t worn something almost identical to this at like, every red carpet event for the last two years.

MILEY CYRUS at the Marchesa show
dress by Notte by Marchesa

Photo: David X. Prutting/BFAnyc/Sipa

Miley hit up plenty of shows this week, and from what I read, she was a total sweetheart to everyone she came across. (For reference, Shailene Woodley hugged every reporter who interviewed her, and Vanessa Hudgens was a total bitch.) Her hair is growing on me (much like it grows on her), and I think her ruffled little white dress is adorable, though the shoes are a little dated.

JOHNNY WEIR at the Alice + Olivia show

Photo: Michael Loccisano/Getty

Like, OF COURSE this is what Johnny Weir wears to a fashion show. A fur coat, a fur BOW TIE, pants so tight they can only really be considered stockings, and one of the most beautiful purses I’ve ever seen.

KATHARINE MCPHEE at the Diane von Furstenberg show
jacket, blouse, and pants by Diane von Furstenberg

Photo: Neil Rasmus/

Congratulations on your Lifetime Achievement Award, sixty-year-old Katharine McPhee!

VANESSA HUDGENS at the Diane von Furstenberg show
dress by Diane von Furstenberg

Photo: Getty

Girl’s got a bad habit of making everything she wears look worse. I’m going to blame the giant hoop earrings, and Vanessa herself.

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  1. stacyblaise

    If only I could have worn one of these dresses and been at fashion week.

    Miss Stacy Blaise

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