Cannes Film Festival 2018: Day 1

Welcome to opening day of Cannes! (What? It was only like a week and a half ago. I’m not that far behind). For the uninitiated, the week-long Cannes Film Festival offers some of the best fashion of the year, every year. I’m not sure what makes stars bring it so hard to this particular festival – the French Riviera sunshine? The constant presence of March Fabness 2018 Champion Fan Bingbing? The knowledge that someone important could walk out of your new movie ten minutes into its premiere and ruin your entire life? Whatever magic is in the air, I’m grateful for it.

Let’s begin.

Met Gala 2017: Basic Bitches

“Basic Bitches at the Met Gala” has become an annual tradition at Democracy Diva Headquarters. Here, that phrase knows no gender – only the brutal, existential torture of seeing extremely wealthy/extremely famous/extremely beautiful people completely waste life’s precious opportunities to be fabulous.

Shall we begin?

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