Stars at the Vanity Fair Academy Awards Party


The Oscars are over, but the parties have just begun.

KATIE HOLMES and TOM CRUISE// gown by Elie Saab, purse by Lanvin, shoes by Chanel

Photo: FameFlynet

I never anticipated the day I’d bestow my coveted Best Dressed spot upon Katie Holmes (and I’m sure my dear friend over at Suri’s Burn Book agrees). This was my Fall 2011 couture red carpet prediction for Amy Adams, but Katie certainly does it justice. That blue is so stunning, and in true Elie Saab fashion, the beading on the bodice is some magnificent handiwork. The hair isn’t my favorite, but it doesn’t offend me, the makeup and necklace are surprisingly chic, and the boxy clutch contrasts brilliantly with the softness of the gown. Well done, Katie!

CLAIRE DANES // gown by Valentino, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Rex

The Vanity Fair party was an evening of red gowns, with Ms. Danes making the most success out of a pretty standard Oscars night choice. The skirt is lovely, the bodice is beautiful, and it’s overall a fantastic dress. Something about the proportions at the top (where the fabric changes) doesn’t quite work, and the hair seems a bit lazy, but she’s looking wonderful all the same.

DIANE KRUGER // gown by Calvin Klein, purse by Judith Leiber

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

Some people immediately hate a “look at my bra!” gown like this, but I’m a little more forgiving. (Or a little more willing to show off the ta-tas when the occasion calls for it.) The bra doesn’t bother me – I think it’s probably the best part of the dress. But I think the way it’s cut, those swoops and curves, aren’t particularly attractive. And below the waist, the fabric just hangs there, lifeless and way too long. It’s not possible for Diane Kruger to look bad in a red gown that shows her lace-covered cleavage, but she could have looked infinitely better.

ROSIE HUNTINGTON-WHITELEY // gown by Antonio Berardi, purse by Jimmy Choo

Photo: PA

And compared to the prior two red gowns, this wasn’t bad – it was just painfully boring. Again, no denying the beauty, but we all know how obvious a red gown at an Oscars party is. At least make yours stick out from the crowd somehow.

JENNIFER LOPEZ // gown by Zuhair Murad

Photo: PA

J.Lo is tempting the Nip Slip Gods (they exist; I pray to them often) with another cut-down-to-the-navel gown. And you know what? I love it. I love this color. It’s like she’s dipped in molten lava, but in a really beautiful way rather than a painful and deadly way.

ELIZABETH BANKS // gown by Chadwick Bell, purse by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Celebutopia

I’m so torn on this. Part of me loves this, because we don’t see enough weird colors and prints on the red carpet, and I want to encourage this kind of risk-taking behavior. And I think that for the most part, Elizabeth is kind of pulling this off. But I also think she looks like some sort of sea urchin monster. Green with blue polka dots will inevitably end up looking fungal or reptilian, and the navy feathers at the bottom just take it to a really weird, very costumey place.

LILY COLLINS // gown by Monique Lhuillier

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

Like Michelle Williams’s Marilyn phase, like Rooney Mara’s The Girl with the Black and White Wardrobe phase, Lily Collins seems to be contractually required to dress like the character she’s playing to promote her film. Unfortunately for us, she’s playing Snow White, so expect a year of dresses like this. I don’t necessarily hate it, but it’s so painfully Disney princess-y and matches her snow-white skin so well, it’s kind of obnoxious.

AMY ADAMS // dress by Vivienne Westwood

Photo: Rex

A very sexy and chic dress (though one we’ve seen before), ruined by a matchy-matchy pair of shoes. Come on, Amy! Your tits look fabulous, you’ve mastered the art of hip draping as well as Stacy Keibler, your slit is sexy but appropriate, and you’re as fresh-faced and lovely as ever! Would a necklace and an interesting pair of shoes kill you?

CAMERON DIAZ // gown by Victoria Beckham

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

It’s a fantastic color on her, and her body looks amazing, I’ll give her that. But would it have killed her to go a tiny bit bigger? We don’t need to see virtually ever curve on your body, Cameron, no matter how good it looks.

VICTORIA BECKHAM // gown by Victoria Beckham

Photo: WireImage

You can’t really go wrong with Victoria wearing Victoria, but she needs to switch it up once in awhile, just to give me something to talk about. Obviously it’s a perfect gown for her, but all the dresses from her collection are perfect for her. I get the self-promotion thing, but show us you can still wear something else, Posh.

SHAILENE WOODLEY // dress by Proenza Schouler, shoes by Diane von Furstenberg

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

A much bigger success than her gown for the main event, but it’s far from excellent. It’s more youthful, but the styling is crap.

SELENA GOMEZ // gown by Dolce & Gabbana, shoes by Stuart Weitzman

Photo: Scott Kirkland/Picture Group

A beautiful gown, but overly long white gowns on young women look a little absurd. Very playing-dress-up.

RASHIDA JONES // gown by Elie Saab

Photo: FameFlynet

Awesome dress, but the proportions don’t work on her and the hair and makeup are a straight-up nightmare.

EMMA STONE // gown by Chanel

Photo: PA

I love a crazy deconstructed Chanel gown as much as the next girl, but some things belong on the runway. Those hip embellishments are insane and the rest of the dress is horribly unflattering.

SALMA HAYEK // gown and shoes by Yves Saint Laurent

Photo: Anthony Harvey/Picture Group

I want to cut that braid off her head.

KATE BOSWORTH // dress by Prabal Gurung, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage

Try harder. Even if you weren’t important enough to be invited to the main event, pretend to care a little bit.

OLIVIA WILDE // gown by Gucci, purse by Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Stewart Cook/Rex

Painfully boring and incredibly severe.

KATE HUDSON // gown by Atelier Versace, shoes by Brian Atwood

Photo: Jordan Strauss/WireImage

It’s tacky and a tad desperate, and a little bit sloppy. Much like the woman wearing it.

KATE BECKINSALE // gown by Atelier Versace, purse by Stark

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

That print is hideous, and it certainly does not need side cut-outs.

ELIZABETH OLSEN // gown by Christian Dior, purse by The Row, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo: John Shearer/WireImage

Who died? I mean, black doesn’t always read funereal, but this looks depressing. This is some Edgar Allen Poe shit right here.

ZOE SALDANA // gown by Marios Schwab

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty

The fit is awful, the proportions are worse, and the skirt is hideous. I can usually count on Zoe to pull it together, especially when the event calls for it, but this was a huge disappointment.

JANUARY JONES // gown by Wes Gordon

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic


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