Front Row: Celebs at Paris Fashion Week


Better late than never, dear readers.

KATY PERRY at the Viktor & Rolf show // dress and coat by Viktor & Rolf, purse by Christian Louboutin, shoes by Casadei

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Katy Perry knows that the cure to a very public divorce is nonstop fashion shows. I thought I was over Blue Period Katy, but this is her best Smurfette look yet. (Well, not as good as this one.) Seriously, though, it’s amazing how much I’ve loved the Viktor & Rolf swirl pattern (previously seen on Jennifer Lawrence and Jessica Chastain). But when it comes to the celeb-beloved Stella McCartney swirl pattern (see: Charlize Theron, Kate Hudson, Chloë Moretz, and Nicole Kidman) – I’m not a fan. But back to Katy – the coat is gorgeous, and that pill-shaped purse is just the cutest.

KATY PERRY // top and skirt by Vera Wang, purse by Jimmy Choo, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

How many times can I tell starlets to stop wearing sheer skirts and granny panties? But the mint green color is fantastic, the salmon purse is killer, and the hairdo (color aside) is adorable.

KATY PERRY at the Miu Miu show // dress, purse and shoes by Prada

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

The dress is hideously ugly and terribly unflattering, and I can’t tell if the coat has any shape to it whatsoever. The hair is increasingly tacky, but the accessories are AWESOME. She’s totally the girl for those infamous Prada flame shoes (close-up here), even if they’re awful with this particular ensemble. And that powder blue, gold-studded purse? To die for.

KATY PERRY at the Chanel show

Photo: Splash News

Now we know why Katy so often sticks to color. She looks kind of miserable in black.

KATY PERRY // dress by Balmain, purse by Salvatore Ferragamo, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Splash News

You can show boob cleavage or ass cleavage, Katy, but right now I fear you’re showing both.

LEIGH LEZARK at the Chanel show // dress, purse and shoes by Chanel

Photo: PA

No complaints here. The dress is classic and the accessories are killer.

LEIGH LEZARK at the Kanye West after-party // purse and shoes by Chanel

Photo: Rex

The print on that dress is kind of awful, no? There’s just a few too many lines and swirls happening.

LEIGH LEZARK at the Dior show // purse by Christian Dior

Photo: PA

This feels very “first time on the front row,” and Leigh Lezark is no front row virgin. She doesn’t look bad, it’s just a little unsurprising to me. But I like the pants.

LEIGH LEZARK at the Givenchy after-party

Photo: PA

It’s just way, WAY too much of that color, but the shoes are pretty gorgeous.

NICOLE KIDMAN at the Tod’s party // dress by Erdem

Photo: Rex

This was my Pre-Fall 2012 red carpet prediction for Kirsten Dunst, but I’m loving it on Nicole Kidman. The dress itself is beautiful, with the floral and lace patterns, and it’s perfect with her coloring.

OLIVIA PALERMO at the Dior show

Photo: Rex

Adorable dress – that print is totally gorgeous and eye-catching – but you know how I feel about the braid, and those shoes are kind of horrible.

SALMA HAYEK at the Balenciaga show // purse by Balenciaga

Photo: Tom & Lorenzo

The dress isn’t anything special, but she looks like a total movie star, and I like the purse/shoe combo.

SALMA HAYEK at the Stella McCartney show // dress by Stella McCartney

Photo: Nicolas Briquet/Abaca

I think the proportions are a little off here – the skirt length combined with the bow-adorned ankle-strap pumps doesn’t really work for her height. But the dress itself is lovely on her, if a little on the unremarkable side.

MILA KUNIS at the Dior show // dress by Christian Dior

Photo: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty

Snooze. Of course she looks beautiful, but it’s like she’s aiming to bore lately.

JESSICA ALBA at the Lanvin after-party // dress by Lanvin

Photo: Rex

She looks like she just got glitter-bombed.

KRISTEN STEWART // dress by Louis Vuitton

Photo: Getty

And she looks like she had vampire sex in the limo on the way to this event.

KRISTEN STEWART at the Balenciaga show // top, pants, and shoes by Balenciaga

Photo: Joseph Kerlakian/Rex

Are we really tucking leather pants into leather sandals now? Is that a thing? That’s just not something I can support.

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4 responses to Front Row: Celebs at Paris Fashion Week

  1. eriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiic, wearing a lovely sweatshirt that you love

    is that a thing?

    ❤ forever

  2. Demi

    I missed your celebrity recaps so glad to read one again! Also, who is Leigh Lazark? Is she a socialite?

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