The Week in Celebrity Fashion

Let’s open up our virtual binder full of women, dear readers, and see how the ladies are looking this week.

gown and sweater by Rochas

Photo: Can Nguyen/Rex

There are red carpet moments that stop you in your tracks; for me, this was one of those moments. The gown itself is breathtaking: it feels vintage, but young and fresh at the same time, which is a line that Elle Fanning can navigate brilliantly when she puts her mind to it. I’m so glad she kept the green cardigan from the runway look, and the necklace makes her look like she’d feel right at home at Downton Abbey. I’m usually not the biggest fan of stick-straight hair, but it’s absolutely lovely here. As always, I wish the skirt just barely grazed the red carpet instead of trailing along it for a few inches, but it’s a minor quibble with what I think is an otherwise flawless look.

ELLE FANNING in New York City
dress by Chanel, shoes by Rupert Sanderson
Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

The higher they fly, the harder they fall, dear readers. In case you were seething with jealousy over yet another tween who’s got style chops better than most women twice her age, remember: Elle is still a kid, and sometimes, her wardrobe quite clearly reflects that. I don’t like the dress to begin with – it’s very Chanel, so I can see why she chose it for the Chanel event, but she looks far too literally like a little nun. Wearing a bowler hat, for some reason that I just cannot comprehend. Also, that amount of blush and lipstick on a 14-year-old makes her look like a terrifying porcelain doll instead of the natural beauty she is.

ALEXA CHUNG in New York City
dress by Chanel, shoes by Tabitha Simmons

Photo: Humberto Carreno/Startraks

This might be a career high for Alexa Chung, from the nearly normal hair to the lovely, fresh-faced makeup to the 100% perfect little white Chanel dress. The sleeves and floral embellishments are lovely, and the cap-toed metallic pumps are pretty fucking fierce. It’s rare that I think Alexa looks like a put-together woman, but for possibly the first time ever, I’m buying everything she’s selling.

KATE HUDSON in Los Angeles
gown by Prabal Gurung

Photo: Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

It’s easily been five years since Kate Hudson looked this good. The hair could be better, but the dress fits her like a fucking dream. Love the dramatic shoulder cut-outs, though I could do without the ridiculously oversized clutch. (It’s the width of her body, for God’s sake. I know binders full of women are all the rage right now, but does that have to mean envelope clutches as large as women have to follow suit?

DIANE KRUGER in New York City
dress by Chanel, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Demis Maryannakis/Splash News

Once again, dear starlets: You all have personal assistants who are basically contractually bound to carry your shit around with them. YOU DO NOT NEED A PURSE THIS LARGE ON THE RED CARPET. All rage aside, I think this dress is phenomenal and the pop of yellow in the purse would have been a great idea, had it not been such a LARGE idea.

top and skirt by Marchesa, purse by Anndra Neen, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: D. Dipasupi/Getty

Kerry Washington is the queen of wearing things I don’t particularly like and making me sort of fall in love with them. She wears a lot of Marchesa, which isn’t always advisable since it’s gotten so freaking overembellished over the last few seasons, but almost never fails to work the shit out of her looks. Love the loose-fitting top and skirt combo, the metallic clutch, even the bow-adorned shoes – they work because the rest of the outfit isn’t so girly as to make the bows overwhelmingly saccharine.

dress, purse, and shoes by Christian Dior

Photo: Rex

Marion Cotillard is a strange creature. Fabulous or not, she tends to age herself on the red carpet, but suddenly she looks like a fresh-faced teenager in her perfect LBD. The shape is terrific, her bouncy curls and pink lips are terrifically flattering, and those shoes? Come on. They’re simply to die for, dear readers.

CHLOË MORETZ in New York City
jacket, top, and skirt by Antonio Berardi, shoes by Sophia Webster

Photo: Marion Curtis/Startraks

Chloë loves her some Antonio Berardi, which I fully support, because she so often looks amazing in his designs. That skirt is just one of those pieces I’d absolutely kill to own, and the jacket is equally adorable. The buttoned-up look is never my favorite, but she pulls it off better than adult women do, I think. And though the shoes are ridiculous, they’re ridiculous in the best possible way – fun and youthful and fanciful, just like the girl wearing them.

jacket and shoes by Chanel
Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

This is why I love the tweens and teens on the red carpet: unlike their older counterparts, they take risks and have fun. This means that sometimes we end up with Elle in her stunning Rochas gown and Chloë in her chic Berardi separates, and sometimes we get the former in a nun costume and the latter looking like Hamlet from the waist up and Sandy at the end of Grease from the waist down, as she does here. Good or bad (and this qualifies as “bad”), they keep things so refreshingly interesting amidst a sea of 20- and 30-somethings in little nude dress after little nude dress.

Gaga’s gown and purse and Donatella’s dress and boots by Versace


I can’t not smile when I see this picture. If there’s a more natural pairing than Gaga and Donatella, with their shared love of fashion that borders on bondage, I can’t think of one. And I don’t think Lady Gaga has ever looked quite this gorgeous.

MILEY CYRUS in Los Angeles
top and pants by Temperley London

Photo: Michael Kovac/Getty

A refreshingly chic entry from the wildly inconsistent Miley Cyrus. Love the vest, love the skirt, and I’m very impressed with how she’s been rocking the new haircut. It’s taken some adjustment, but I’m definitely coming down on the side of loving it. But with every Miley success, there is an equal and opposite look to counterbalance it. Case in point:

MILEY CYRUS in Los Angeles
top by Anthony Vaccarello, skirt by Moschino, shoes by Brian Atwood

Photo: Paul Drinkwater/Getty

She’s fucking with us, right? I mean, she’s not actually going to sit through a television interview in half a bustier and a skyline skirt, is she? It doesn’t matter how tiny your waist is, dear readers: sitting in this outfit is a mistake. So is standing in it, for that matter. In fact, if you are even in the same room as this outfit and haven’t set it on fire yet, you’re doing it all wrong.

JESSICA PARÉ in New York City
dress by Chanel

Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

She’s gotten her hands on some chic dresses lately, but she’s not quite at the level where she’s styling those dresses as well as she could be. This blue Chanel number is fantastic, from the color to the collar, but black pumps were the most basic choice imaginable.

dress by Stella McCartney, purse by Proenza Schouler, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Photo: Brendan Thomas/Getty

It’s a sparkly bath towel. Not saying she looks bad, but she’s wearing a sparkly bath towel. Kate, you can do better.

dress by Preen, shoes by Casadei

Photo: Brendon Thorne/Getty

I usually can’t find a Preen dress I don’t like, but this is just a little bit overdesigned. Between the print, the different textures, the asymmetrical skirt, the buttons, the collar, and the matching stark-white shoes – it’s a lot of look for such a relatively casual dress. And I don’t think the hair and makeup are doing her any favors.

jumpsuit and jacket by Chanel, purse by Fendi, shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Photo: Alberto E. Rodrigez/Getty

SJP really does love her layered necklaces and giant purses, and I really do hate that about her. She’s got on a jumpsuit I don’t hate, which is a huge achievement in itself, and a killer Chanel jacket, but her over-accessorizing is problematic. It’s not even as bad here as it usually is – when she wears the cross-body bags on the red carpet, I really go nuts – but she could look infinitely more chic and youthful if she calmed the hell down with her jewelry and purses.

KATY PERRY in New York City
gown by Gucci

Photo: Kristin Callahan/ACE/

It’s not particularly terrible, but it’s so similar to the Elie Saab gown she wore at the VMAs that I can’t get too enthused about it. I like the cinched waist, and I think the neckline is flattering, but it’s just a little too redundant for me.

BLAKE LIVELY in New York City
dress by Chanel, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Christopher Peterson/Splash News

Does she really have no idea how stupid she looks when she half-smiles with her mouth open like that? And I love a dress with pockets as much as the next girl, but this is one hideous, ill-fitting, wrinkled monstrosity.

JANUARY JONES in New York City
gown by Chanel

Photo: Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEImages

Oh, sweet lord, what has January Jones done to herself? The hair is atrocious, but the clown makeup is infinitely worse. White pancake, blue eyeshadow, firetruck-red lips and pink circles on her cheeks? And what the hell is happening with that skirt? Is it supposed to look like it has an elastic waistband? Is the rumpled bedsheet thing intentional? I haven’t seen a look I’ve hated this fully in a long time.

CHLOË SEVIGNY in Hollywood
dress by Valentino


This summer, Ms. Sevigny bitched about how ignored she is by the big-time designers – she actually said, “How hard is it to get a fucking dress from Valentino?” Well, Chloë, I think you’ve learned a very important lesson here: Be careful what you wish for. Because it will be a tacky-ass disaster.

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4 responses to The Week in Celebrity Fashion

  1. myiou

    “envelope clutches as large as women,” hahahaha! You’re such a law student! Oh, something fashion-y, my favorite thing on this page: the Sophie Webster shoes on Chloe Moretz. I feel like such a nerd!

    • democracydiva – Author

      I’m going to take that law student comment as a compliment, haha! And don’t feel like a nerd – those shoes are every bit as awesome as they are ridiculous. I might not be able to pull them off, but I still love them too! Thanks for commenting ❤

  2. stacyblaise

    I’m going to go with the first dress on Dakota Fanning as my favorite.

    Miss Blaise

  3. Ahahaha, I’m sure they had a lot of fun sending that Valentino dress to Chloe Sevigny. “Bitch and moan about not getting our dress, we’ll throw you this crap.”

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