2012 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet

I’m a bit late on the Teen Choice Awards coverage, but whatever – it’s not like anything’s happened in Kristen Stewart’s life since then, right? I mean, unless she got caught having an affair with a married father of two young children and Robert Pattinson is currently in the process of moving out of the apartment he and Kristen share together or something . . .

KRISTEN STEWART // jacket and pants by Roberto Cavalli, tee by Fluxus, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Kristen, I know you’ve had a rough week, but you can take comfort in one thing: You were hands-down the best dressed starlet at the Teen Choice Awards. It’s a dubious honor, I’ll admit – it’s not like the competition was particularly heavy – but Kristen proved yet again that she’s infinitely more stylish in a funky blazer and pants than she is in a frou-frou gown. That tuxedo jacket is all kinds of delicious, and she styled it perfectly. The girl can rock leather pants, the Loubs are perfect, and the eye makeup is crazy gorgeous. And let’s be honest, dear readers – who gives a shit about her personal life as long as she dresses well?

MIRANDA COSGROVE // dress by Collette Dinnigan, purse by Judith Leiber, shoes by Stella McCartney

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Yes, the general shininess of this look was a little bit overwhelming. But once you get past the fact that you can see your reflection in her dress, it’s actually kind of a killer look. I love the studded platforms with the boxy black and silver clutch; they work incredibly well with the metallic dress. And her hair and makeup look much more fresh and natural than usual.

ZOE SALDANA // top and skirt by Jonathan Saunders, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

I like the idea of this better than the execution – the crop top would be adorable if it weren’t quite so boxy, and the bubbly shape of the skirt is kind of unflattering. The shoes don’t really work at all, but Ms. Saldana looked interesting and chic, which is more than can be said for most of her fellow attendees.

LEA MICHELE // dress and shoes by Atelier Versace, purse by Marchesa

Photo: Tammie Arroyo/AFF-USA.com

The dress is actually gorgeous, if completely expected. But those bridesmaids shoes are killing me. Also, Lea needs to chill out on the spray tan, because her legs are looking mighty terrifying.

LUCY HALE // dress by Wes Gordon, purse by Jimmy Choo, shoes by Brian Atwood

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Hate the braid, and I think flat-forms are the work of the devil, but it’s a great little red dress on her. Gold accessories are a little expected, but I’m a sucker for a good boxy clutch.

CARLY RAE JEPSEN // jacket and shorts by Lisa Ho, purse by Kate Spade, shoes by Aldo

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

I respect a girl who can rock a good jacket-and-shorts suit, and I love the print Carly chose. More colorful accessories would have served her well, and those shoes were a cop-out, but it’s a chic little outfit all the same.

NINA DOBREV // dress by J. Mendel, purse by Kotur, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

The bodice is a little too ordinary, but it’s a nice color and the skirt has some interest to it. I just feel that this look reads “sorority girl bridesmaid” more than “Teen Choice Awards,” though maybe that’s a tenuous distinction.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE // dress by Zuhair Murad, purse by Judith Leiber, shoes by Brian Atwood

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

I love purple – practically all of my favorite things I own are purple – but bitch, THIS IS TOO MUCH PURPLE. The dress itself might have been great, but you destroyed it with that tacky purse and the hideous matching shoes. The fact that they all match the carpet so perfectly makes me think her color scheme was totally intentional, and that’s driving me fucking crazy. Don’t match your outfit to the decor, starlets! It’s beyond tacky.

ZOOEY DESCHANEL // dress by Monique Lhuillier, purse by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

I’ll tell you why Zooey looks so uncomfortable: she shows up to every red carpet event dressed like a toddler (this was no exception), but at the Teen Choice Awards, she’s actually the oldest woman in the room, and dressed much more immaturely than all the fifteen-year-olds surrounding her. I think she chose those bow-adorned shoes specifically to give me a seizure.

SELENA GOMEZ // dress by Dsquared², shoes by Hervé Léger

Photo: Gilbert Flores/Celebrity Photo

No one believes that’s your real hair, Selena. And I understand you’re growing up, but could you possibly do so in a way that avoids painfully boring Barbie dresses, just for my sanity?

TAYLOR SWIFT // dress by Maria Lucia Hohan, purse by Edie Parker, shoes by Prada

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Just when I thought Taylor might be getting out of her years-long Disney princess/ballerina style rut, she reverts back to something we’ve seen her in time and time again. If you expect me to anything more than bored out of my mind by Taylor in another nothing-colored girly dress with side cut-outs and nothing-colored peep-toe pumps, you’re in for a disappointment.

JUSTIN BIEBER // shirt by Dolce & Gabbana, pants by Marc by Marc Jacobs

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

Teenage boys are just the worst.

NIKKI REED // top and skirt by Contrarian New York, purse by Jimmy Choo, shoes by Brian Atwood

Photo: Ann Porter/Broadimage

I saw better dresses made in a day – and made out of CANDY – on last night’s Project Runway (recap to come!). The execution and fit are terrible, it’s completely style-less, and the accessories could not be worse. The curse of the flat-forms strikes again, dear readers.

VICTORIA JUSTICE // dress by Gomez-Gracia, purse by Lauren Merkin

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

I hate mullet skirts almost as much as I hate nude pumps, which I hate almost as much as that print and this dress’s God-awful proportions. Dress for the level of celebrity you want to be, random teen star, not the level of celebrity you are, or you’ll never make it past the D-list.

DEMI LOVATO // dress by Falguni & Shane Peacock, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Demi has an addiction to hideous dresses without about three thousand too many design elements. Feathers and beading and glitter and stripes in every direction and studs and leather shoulder-pads – how much more do I need to say before it’s clear that it’s just too much, Demi? And don’t think I’m going to ignore the fact that you wore a nearly-identical Falguni & Shane Peacock dress two months ago,

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7 responses to 2012 Teen Choice Awards Red Carpet

  1. Honestly, I never care about Kristen Stewart’s personal life, but her outfit is really cute. And I can admit that I can’t wait to see how awkward things get during the Breaking Dawn 2 press tour…

    And, SO THAT’S WHAT ZOOEY DESCHANEL’S LEGS LOOK LIKE! Did she finally succumb to the heat? That could be part of why she looks so uncomfy.

    Lea Michele and Demi Lovato both need to lay off the fake tanning. They’re both looking kinda like they’re rocking a body ombre look… and it’s not good.

    • democracydiva – Author

      The FIRST thing I thought of was how awkward the press tour is going to be. Glad I wasn’t alone in that. And “body ombre” is something no one should aspire to, ever.
      Thanks for commenting, as always! ❤

  2. molly

    I love Kristens outfit but once again (really, this happens EVERY fucking time) her hair was awful! Really, that little braid looked completely disgusting to the point it actually ruined the outfit for me.
    I have to laugh when I see people on the carpet who think the Teen Choice Awards are a real award show that actually matters. People need to lighten up and have a little fun (Im looking at you Lea Michele) with their outfits. I think Lucy Hale, Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift are the only ones who actually seem to understand that and it paid off.

    • democracydiva – Author

      Kristen’s hair remains horrible; I just stopped complaining about it because there are a finite number of ways to say “Kristen’s hair remains horrible.” But I’ll give her this much – the intentionally sloppy hair works way better with a tuxedo jacket & leather pants than it does with a dress or, worse, a gown. I mean, I’d still prefer hair that has been brushed sometime this century, but it’s so much worse when she’s in a Marchesa ball gown and STILL can’t manage to run a brush through her hair.

  3. Zoë

    Kristen’s blazer is absolutely delicious, I’ll give her that much. Is it just me or is Demi’s face a different colour to her legs?

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