The Week in Celebrity Fashion, Part 1

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Happy Sunday, dear readers! Let’s spend it judging. 

DIANE KRUGER in New York City
dress, purse, and shoes by Jason Wu

Photo: Splash News

Diane Kruger is killing it sweetly in her perfectly fit Jason Wu dress (though it could use a good steaming). The studded ankle straps on her sandals contrast her good-girl dress perfectly, the simple black clutch helps bring the look together, and her makeup is flawless. She went sans jewelry to keep things from going too formal, and as a result, she looks fresh-faced and clean and beautiful.

ZHANG ZIYI in Shanghai
jacket, blouse, pants, and purse by Moschino, shoes by Christian Louboutin


That ridiculous marching-band-on-acid jacket might be my favorite thing on the planet right now. And though I’m not sure anyone else could pull off the puffy shirt/cummerbund/wide-legged pants combo, I actually thing Zhang is pulling this off with aplomb.

dress by Marc Jacobs, purse and shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Mike Marsland/WireImage

First of all, three cheers for faux bobs. Lord knows I don’t have the time or personal assistants to pin my hair into a fabulous 1920s fingercurl ‘do, but it’s a fun way to go flapper for the night. Particularly with this dress, which feels very 21st-century flapper to me. The boxy shape is straight out of the 20s, while the colorblocking feels fresh and modern, and the embellishments on the straps and the bottom of the dress call back to the fringey costumes of that era in a subtle way. The shoes are lovely as well, though the purse looks like it’s seen the wrong end of an Engorgio charm.

MIRANDA KERR in New York City
top by Scanlan & Theodore, shorts by Isabel Marant, sunglasses by Linda Farrow, purse by Balmain, shoes by Pretty Ballerinas


I know I ask this like, every two weeks or so, but is there anyone better at street style than Miranda Kerr? This bitch is FLAWLESS, from her casual topknot to her metallic ballerina flats. That cowboy shirt would be a joke on someone else, but leave it to Miranda to make it look inspired, particularly with those fantastic Isabel Marant shorts. And as usual, her tote is perfection.

KARLIE KLOSS in New York City
dress by Prabal Gurung

Photo: Rex

I think this dress is just terrific, but I wish she had gone in a different direction for the styling. The shoes are pretty, but black accessories are too predictable and the purse is a throwaway. Also, she could run a brush through her hair. I’m just saying – it wouldn’t kill her.

dress by Roksanda Ilincic

Photo: Donato Sardella/WireImage

I’m the first to admit I usually find Julianne Hough too boring to blog about, but I think this colorblocked linen dress is one of the best summer looks I’ve seen in a very long time. The yellow purse is a little much for me – I’m not against a color, but something other than that shade of banana would have worked better – but the white sandals are perfect summer staples, just like the dress. And I think this hair style looks pretty darn cute on her.

RITA ORA in London
dress by Natalia Kaut, jewelry by Jennifer Fisher

Photo: Fred Duval/FilmMagic

I am firmly against the shoes – I wouldn’t have minded the length of the dress, but those thick ankle straps break up the line of her leg and throw the proportions all out of wack. The effect also makes her look like her torso is twice as long as her legs. But now that I’ve gotten the complaints out of the way, I can say I think this dress is all kinds of fantastic, though you probably have to be Rita Ora or someone like her to pull it off. Sexy and over the top, with matching lipstick and shit-tons of jewelry? It’s a lot of look, but I like it. Bitch has attitude.

gown by Roberto Cavalli

Photo: Johnny Nunez/WireImage

I love Beyonce as much as the next diva, but again, the proportions of this dress make her look downright stumpy. And I understand her desire to prove to the world that her tummy is so flat, she couldn’t possibly be pregnant, but I really hate those tear-shaped cut-outs over her stomach. Love the purse, though!

AMY ADAMS in London
dress by Valentino, shoes by Casadei

Photo: Richard Young/Rex/Startraks

I think the bodice of the dress is what’s throwing me off – I guess it’s supposed to be a sort of farmer’s daughter-couture thing, but the top of this dress just looks like it’s made of hay. I like the skirt a lot more, and the styling works well, but I can’t get too worked up over it. It’s a little forgettable.

AMY ADAMS in Taormina, Italy
dress by Dolce & Gabbana

Photo: Valerio Pennicino/Getty

No. This dress is a size too big and a mile too long, your turquoise jewelry looks tacky as hell, and pairing turquoise with the peach pumps makes you look like a crazy grandma. And don’t get me started on that hair.

top and shorts by Oscar de la Renta, jewelry by Neil Lane, shoes by Office

Photo: Dave Hogan/Getty

I love when Taylor Swift reminds the world she has legs! It happens so rarely, but it always makes me happy. WEAR MORE LADYPANTS AND SHORTS, TAYLOR! Even if your prairie shirt is a little Oregon Trail for me, you always look ten times more modern and cool in outfits that show off those fantastic stems.

TAYLOR SWIFT in New York City
gown by Emilio Pucci, jewelry by Lorraine Schwartz

Photo: Johns PKI/Splash News

Standard Taylor princess fare, this time with a topknot. Forgive me for yawning and hoping she trips over that unreasonably long skirt.

KIRSTEN DUNST in New York City
top, shorts, and shoes by Proenza Schouler

Photo: Donato Sardella/WireImage

I don’t actually hate the outfit, but the hair and makeup are kind of destroying any chance this look had. And would a pop of color (other than that lipstick) kill her?

KATE BOSWORTH in New York City
dress and purse by Proenza Schouler, shoes by Aldo

Photo: Donato Sardella/WireImage

This dress is just too boxy and weirdly shaped. The fabric looks way too heavy, and I don’t like the neckline and those stiff shoulders and that askew cut-out in the skirt. Also, are we done with leopard print on the red carpet yet, as a society? Please?

KYLIE MINOGUE in New York City
dress by Anthony Vaccarello

Photo: Ben Gabbe/Getty

Darling, when you are forced to hold your purse between your legs to avoid a crotch shot, your skirt might be too short. It’s a shame, because the dress would be killer if it even came close to covering her vagina, but alas.

SIENNA MILLER at the Tony Awards
dress by Burberry

Photo: Sara Jaye Weiss/Startraks

I could not hate this length more, and I thought we said goodbye to silly putty pumps on the red carpet? I love the twisted bodice and the color, but everything else is distractingly off-kilter.

dress by Alexander McQueen, jewelry by Pomellato, shoes by Giuseppe Zanotti

Photo: Jeff Schear/WireImage

I think she’s worn this outfit approximately nine hundred thousand times in the last fifteen years.

ROONEY MARA at the Los Angeles Film Festival
top and culottes by J.W. Anderson, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Matt Baron/BEImages


EVA LONGORIA in Los Angeles
jumpsuit by Pamella Roland, shoes by Brian Atwood

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

It’s official – Eva Longoria has turned into a wax figure of herself. It’s a shame the transformation had to happen when she was wearing such a bad outfit. Though, since it’s Eva Longoria, statistically speaking, it was a mathematical impossibility for it to happen when she wasn’t wearing something tacky.

MILEY CYRUS in Los Angeles
jacket by KTZ, bra by Alexander Wang, pants by Ashish, jewelry by Jennifer Fisher, purse by Chanel, shoes by Christian Louboutin

Photo: Jason LaVeris/FilmMagic

Dear readers, I’ve defended Miley’s haircut and mesh dresses and jumpsuits because I respect a girl who keeps surprising me on the red carpet. But I draw the line at sweat-jeans, and I urge all of you to do the same.

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  1. MLzx

    I appreciate the Harry Potter reference, and Miley has a blind stylist.

    Au revoir.

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