Red Carpet Watch: Elle’s Women in Hollywood Party

Another day, another celebration of women in Hollywood.

dress by Moschino, purse by Olympia Le-Tan, shoes by Jimmy Choo


Yet again, little Sally Draper bests the ladies two to three times her age and snags the coveted Best Dressed spot. I honestly do not think I could love her little Moschino dress more if I tried, from the collar to the peplum to the striped and pleated skirt. She’s perfect, the shoes are terrific, and the purse is a blast. I love you, Kiernan.

dress by Tadashi Shoji

Photo: Jeff Vespa/WireImage

Has Octavia ever looked better? I think not. The color, the fabric, the sleeves, the stripes, the neckline – there’s nothing about this look I don’t love. Classy, chic, and mega-flattering: the Octavia Spencer story.

dress by Moschino, purse by Jimmy Choo, shoes by Tory Burch


It’s not often that I see a look this simple and fall to pieces over how chic it is, but it’s a very classy step forward in Naya Rivera’s wardrobe. The dress fits perfectly and the color is gorgeous for her skin tone. (Pasty girls like myself should probably avoid this shade like the plague, though.) And though solid-colored peep-toe platforms are very tired, at least they’re in an interesting brown/bronze color, and the hair, makeup, and jewelry are pretty much flawless.

dress by Proenza Schouler, purse and shoes by Roger Vivier


Love the dress so much it hurts, but I find the black accessories very heavy and distracting.

dress by Calvin Klein, shoes by Jimmy Choo


What a color! Can we take a moment to send up a blessing to the red carpet fashion gods for finally convincing starlets to don amazing, bright colors? I mean, if you ignore the awful hair extensions and the boring shoes, Leslie looks pretty damn excellent.

dress by Calvin Klein

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

It’s a little underwhelming, especially from Emma Watson, but it’s youthful and chic. And for an event like this, I think it’s better to be a little underdressed than a little overdressed. I’m not a Calvin Klein fan, but he did co-sponsor this party, so if we have to see a thousand CK dresses on the red carpet, at least this one has some interest to it. (In relation to other CK dresses, at least.)

dress and purse by Calvin Klein


Great color, love the pockets, and though the shoes are a little much for me, I don’t actually hate them. The necklace would be lovely if it were smaller and more subtle, but it’s a little costumey and garish as is.

dress by Calvin Klein, shoes by Manolo Blahnik

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

NO NECKLACES! NO CROSS-BODY BAGS! Who are you and what have you done with Sarah Jessica Parker?

dress by Calvin Klein, shoes by Nicholas Kirkwood


Phenomenal color – seriously, Kristen, why you wear bold shades so rarely is a mystery to me, because you pack such a fierce punch in them. The dress is far too long, and I couldn’t hate the shoes more if I tried, but from the slit up, it’s a success.

dress by Badgley Mischka, purse by Mulberry, shoes by Brian Atwood


Anna, darling, I love you dearly, but this dress is awfully desperate for an event this low on the totem pole of importance. The sheer waistband is too much, particularly with the boxy boob-shelf and the gold embellishments. There’s like forty different design elements that are all pointing to your tits, and the rest of the look is as boring as can be. Tsk, tsk.

dress by Calvin Klein, purse and shoes by Dolce & Gabbana

I love Elle, but if your black dress is sheer, the dress you wear underneath it ALSO NEEDS TO BE BLACK! There is no excuse for this from a girl who has infinite access to stylists. And Elle, I know you’ve got a granny-chic thing that you love to death, but somewhere along the line, you must have dropped the “chic” part. Because that purse and those shoes look dated by at least a hundred years, and not in a “ooh, look, how vintage!” sort of way.

dress by Vera Wang, purse by Nancy Gonzalez, shoes by Jimmy Choo

Photo: Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

This is just too much, Nina. Pick a dress with two or three less design elements, and don’t add an overly complicated pair of shoes to an overly complicated cocktail dress.

dress, coat, purse, and shoes by Calvin Klein


I know little to nothing about Jaime King. So if she is, in fact, seventy-five years old, as I am forced to assume based on this outfit, she actually looks quite excellent. But if she is, as Wikipedia tells me she is, thirty-three years old, then she looks like a fucking idiot.

dress by Raoul, shoes by Jimmy Choo


Viola. YOU KNOW BETTER THAN THIS. You are all kinds of fabulous, and I will not accept this stupid dress and those awful shoes from a woman of your caliber.

dress and purse by Valentino, shoes by Salvatore Ferragamo

Photo: Jason Merritt/Getty

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen an Emma Stone look I hated this much. I think the color is atrocious when combined with her hair and skin tone. It washes her out even more, and the giant white cuffs and collar are distracting and only serve to make the dress even more childish. And I love me some houndstooth Ferragamos, but they were so clearly the wrong choice for this look, and the purse isn’t any better.

dress by Romona Keveza, purse by Kotur, shoes by Jean-Michel Cazabat



dress by Zimmermann, shoes by Brian Atwood
Photo: Splash News

I think I speak for all of us when I say, “hahahahahahahahaha, what a stupid bitch.”

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8 responses to Red Carpet Watch: Elle’s Women in Hollywood Party

  1. Ashleigh

    All I can say is OH LORD LEA WHY, if only your fashion sense was as incredible as your voice.

    If only.

    Great update!

  2. Livi

    Lea, you’re giving me an eyeache. And I am usually free from those – shame on you.

  3. Dri

    Ha, wow. I couldn’t agree more with your assessment of Lea. Has she really gotten this desperate for attention after everyone stopped watching glee? Yes, yes she has.

  4. Seeing Lea’s look… I just started laughing, and then showed my mom the caption and we both agree. Stupid bitch.

    I liked SJP’s look (I’m sorry, my laziness is a premium this week, school took it out of me), but what in the hell has made it so her legs are like, five shades darker than the rest of her?! Has she consulted physicians?

    • democracydiva – Author

      Starlets and their spray tans – it’s a problem. Us mere mortal women are allowed to have tan lines and the occasional, accidental orange leg from a rogue spray tan. But when you pay people to take care of all these things for you, how do you end up leaving the house with your legs a different ethnicity than the rest of your body? Also, glad you and your mom could share a laugh over Lea Michele’s stupidity. Thanks for reading and commenting, as always! ❤

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